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Cupcakes Giveaway Winner!

10 Dec

I completely forgot to select a winner for a dozen mini cupcakes from Crumbs! Please forgive me and my pregnancy brain!!

The winner is…

JEN from Living a Brighter Life!

Congratulations to her and thanks to all of you for your sweet comments.

Since I hate leaving a post without a picture, here’s the new tiny stockings I got at Crate and Barrel. Two for the dogs, and one for the baby!

Cute, right?

Happy Weekend!

It’s a…

28 Nov
If you remember, my husband’s 30th birthday was on Thanksgiving this year. We thought we might open our card the night before, but we were so exhausted from going to a friendsgiving dinner, that we decided to wait until the next morning when we would be fresh. All night both of us had multiple dreams about opening the card and for both of us, every time we opened the card in our dreams it was a boy.


Our dreams came true!! Right after we opened the card (which also had an ultrasound picture of the genitals that I’ve decided to keep private), I gave my husband his other birthday present.

He’s a huge Raider fan and I ordered this onsie thinking it could work for a boy or a girl, but it REALLY works for a boy.

As for our reactions? I didn’t cry right away. I think my husband did, but he’d probably deny it. Later, though, when I went to pick up the cupcakes and to Starbucks, I was crying every five minutes. I would see something that made me think of our little boy and cry. It was quite overwhelming.

After picking up the cupcakes, we decided to try some to make sure the filling was the correct color.

They got it right! Crumbs was just great about this whole thing. I definitely recommend them for your custom cupcake needs.

I just know our little boy will grow up to be as handsome and kind as this guy. I can only hope he will be as silly 🙂

Then, we headed to my parents’ house for some cupcakes and champagne, followed by Thanksgiving dinner.

Here’s our plate of cupcakes with my little question mark flags. They were super cute, but not super practical. Nobody wants to bite into a cupcake with a toothpick in it, so you have to take it out first, but with the surprise filling, you run the risk of seeing the color on the toothpick before the big bite. It was a nice idea, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

I love this picture! They haven’t even seen the color yet, but they’re so excited!

Can you see my brother doing the fist pump YES! ? He was super excited, as were my mom and stepdad.

After some more cooking and football watching, it was time for dinner. My parents make the BEST turkey ever. The breast is so moist and flavorful, even the next day out of the microwave.

After dinner we played games and had underdone pumpkin pie (that I made – whoops) while watching Christmas movies.

The next day, we headed to my husband’s parents’ house for our second reveal and third thanksgiving. However, we wanted to wait until my husband’s sister, nieces, and friends arrived the next day, so we had to hold in our news. It was so hard and I think my husband slipped once, but he tried to cover it.

Finally, everyone (well, almost) arrived and we got another plate of cupcakes ready.

This time, only a couple of flags in the middle.

From left, Molly (sister-in-law), Ann (mother-in-law), Gwen (niece), Stella (adorable baby), and Caren (our sweet friend). My husband’s dad and our other niece Ava are just out of the frame of the picture.

Yay! It was so funny to see if people would bite into the cupcake or rip it in half to see the color.

This will be their first grandson (they have two granddaughters), so they are so excited.

Our friends Paul and Jackie arrived a little late, but we saved cupcakes for them!

Jackie lost a bet on this one!

Then, it was time for dinner. My husband worked hard carving out 12 mini pumpkins for a delicious butternut squash soup that Ann made from squash from her garden.

Adorable and delicious!

I wasn’t quite sick of turkey yet, but this meal might have put me over the turkey dinner edge. Delicious!

More games, toddler play time, and lots of talking about our future baby boy and it was time for bed. What a weekend!

The majority of you guessed that it would be a boy in my poll, so as a reward to all of you, even those who guessed wrong, I’m going to have a little giveaway! One lucky winner will receive 12 delicious mini cupcakes from Crumbs! They are not sponsoring this post, I’m paying for them out of my own money because I love you. Leave a comment on this post to enter and be sure you are signed in with your email address or leave it in the comment! Comment by Friday at 11:59pm.

Get ready for lots of nursery inspiration, baby boy clothes, and more fun baby related posts!!

Shutterfly Giveaway Winners!

7 Nov

Thanks to all those who entered the giveaway! I used to pick the winners to keep it fair.

The three sets of 25 shutterfly cards go to…

Comment #5 from Emily at Oh! Apostrophe! This one is funny because she also hosted a shutterfly giveaway on her blog (and had the funniest post ever for it, by the way).

Comment #13 from Turtle Girl! I went to college with Megan and she’s an English teacher now, too!

Comment #12 from Angela! She is most definitely my top commenter, so I’m really glad she won!

Congratulations, ladies! Check your email for the codes!

Now, to make you giggle on this Monday morning, here’s our pup Jackson yesterday before his haircut:

And after:

Poor guy. He’ll look cute again in a couple of months… I hope.

Shutterfly Giveaway!

29 Oct

I’m sure you’ve seen these posts going up on blogs all over the place, but that just means more chances to win, right?

Last year, we asked my mother-in-law to draw a picture of us with our dogs to use on our holiday cards. It came out super cute, but when I received my cards in the mail, the image resolution wasn’t working. Since I wasn’t happy, I contacted Shutterfly and they sent me a credit to order new cards with a higher resolution image. After getting the original drawing and getting it scanned at our local copy place, I chose a different card design and ended up with this:

Adorable, right? I’ve kept one hanging on our mail sorter all year!

This year, I think we’ll go with an actual picture. I’m hoping maybe my friend Michelle can take some pictures of us that can double as early maternity photos. Of course, we’ll include the dogs, as they are part of the family! Here are some of my favorite holiday cards from Shutterfly this year:

I love the vintage feel of this card. The photos are so fun and light and I can see us using individual pictures of us and each dog, as well as some of the whole family together.

I really like how this design is shown with a black and white image, but has a pop of color with the lettering.

Maybe if we take our photo shoot to the snow, we can do something cozy like this one.

I’m also thinking of making photo books as gift this year. With a limited holiday shopping budget (have to save for baby!), photo books make inexpensive, but extremely thoughtful gifts. Remember the one my mom made for me last year? It definitely brought on the happy tears when I opened it Christmas Eve.

Something else we’ll likely turn to Shutterfly for in the near future? Birth announcements!

I love the simple elegant design of this one for a baby boy. Also, Thomas is our pick for a middle name for a boy! Thomas was my husband’s late grandfather’s name.

This one for a girl is so modern and fresh. I love the colors and the font of the name. Ahhh I can’t wait!

Leave a comment on this post to enter to win 25 free holiday cards from Shutterfly! Three winners will be selected at random. Comments will close on Friday, November 4th at 11:59pm. Good luck!

**Please be sure to either sign in with your email address or include it in your comment so I can contact you if you win!**

First Giveaway Ever: Surprise Revealed!

3 Aug

Since Genavee has received her box of goodies, I wanted to share with you what she got!

I tried to include things that make me feel beautiful, like Jergens natural glow lotion (I’m super white and feel prettier when I have some color on my legs) and pretty pink nail polish. I also wanted to include things that you all talked about in the comments of the giveaway post, like pretty hair (a little brush might help, as well as that cute flower clip) and a floral scarf (a lot of ladies talked about how wearing a sundress makes them feel pretty and this was as close as I could get without getting everyone’s measurements). I also included some lip gloss, perfume (Angel is one of my favorites), exfoliating face wash (for glowing skin), and some yummy nougat candy from Cowgirl Creamery in the ferry building in San Francisco!

I used the scarf to wrap everything up instead of tissue paper and put it in a nice brown box.

I tied some thick grosgrain ribbon in a bow around the box to finish things off and sent it all the way to Genavee in Oklahoma!

I have the same exact nail polish I included in the beauty box. Here I am at the beach showing off my pretty pink toenails.

I can’t wait for the next giveaway!!

We Have a Winner!

22 Jul
Thank you so much to everyone who entered my very first giveaway! There were 27 entries so I plugged the numbers in and the winner is….

Number 7 is Gevavee! She said,I feel my prettiest at the beginning of a busy but fun Saturday, fun dress on, hair and make-up light and perfect.”

Doesn’t that sound lovely? I’ll have to dress up one day this weekend to ensure I feel like that!

I know I told you I would post all the goodies today as well, but I realized that if I did, it wouldn’t be a surprise for the winner! I’ve decided instead to wait until miss Genavee receives her box of beauty to share with you what she won.

Have a fabulous weekend!

First Giveaway Ever!

14 Jul

I’ve been wanting to do a giveaway for a while now, but never quite knew what to offer you all. Well, since I’m pretty sure most of you are women (and if you’re not, I’m sure you have a woman in your life who loves presents) I decided to put together a box of a bunch of different goodies to make you feel pretty!

So what will be in the beauty box? I’m going to make it a surprise! There will be lots of fun items that I know you’re going to love: beauty products, tasty treats, and more. I can’t wait to see who wins!

How do you enter? Just leave a comment with your name and email address telling me when you feel your prettiest. If you want a second entry, link to this post on twitter and leave another comment to let me know! Blog about it and get one more chance to win!!

You have one week to enter so hurry up and tell your friends! Giveaway ends Wednesday, July 20th at 11:59pm pacific. I’ll pick a random winner next Thursday and announce the name along with everything they won on Friday!

Good luck!