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Happy Presidents Day!

20 Feb

It’s unusual for my husband to have these Monday holidays off with me, so we’re taking advantage of the extra time by getting lots and lots of stuff done. Only 6 more weeks until my due date (!!!) and we’re feeling the pressure to get everything ready for baby Liam’s arrival. Here’s our weekend:


my husband cleaned the house and made breakfast

we went to Ikea for a light fixture and spare parts for the dresser

I organized shower gifts while my husband sanded/fixed the dresser

so many books! I thought this was all of them, but found about 8 more after I took this picture.

we had friends over, went to lunch and the plant store

I took my stepsister to work, picked up my brother, and traded cars with my mom

I picked up the rocking chair from the upholsterer

my brother painted his canvas (more on this project soon)

takeout and a movie for dinner

Sunday (after a terrible night’s sleep)

we stained the dresser

dogs painted a canvas

husband painted a canvas

we went to lunch at a new place

we had this yummy platter of meat, cheese, bread, and spread from a French restaurant that just opened nearby – delish!

went to Babies R Us to return/exchange/purchase some items (wasn’t a very fun experience and my husband has sworn never to go back)

more organizing in the nursery while my husband worked on the dresser

my husband left for a work event and I ate leftover takeout

graded papers and early to bed

Plans for Monday…

my husband will finish the dresser and do yard work

more organizing for me!

Target for essentials

start packing hospital bags (feels too early still, but I can write a post about it and just pack the things I won’t be using until then)

OBGYN appointment

either a movie (I really want to see The Descendants) or more organizing

more grading

WHEW! I’m tired just thinking about it all. Nesting is a funny thing: once you get the urge, you just can’t stop. I’m really excited that the nursery will be done in the next couple of weeks and can’t wait for Michelle to take pictures of it for us!


19 Jan

One of my Christmas presents from my husband was a pair of tickets to Cirque Du Soliel’s Iris for this past Sunday. He happened to score them for free through work, which made it even more awesome. I had been looking forward to it for weeks, but we almost didn’t go because I came down with a cold Sunday morning. I rested all day and decided to suck it up, pack the tissue, and hope I didn’t sneeze throughout the entire show.

It was amazing! I was brought to tears within the first five minutes. My favorite act was the one featuring the twins who did some high flying acrobatics without any wires. They flew over the audience with just holding onto a rope with their hands. My description doesn’t do it justice, but here’s what they look like:

These alien-like creatures were amazing, as well:

And these girls were very bendy:

Our seats were in the front row of the Mezzanine, which were perfect for this show. We didn’t have to crane our necks to see the high flying acts and we didn’t have anyone in front of us obstructing our view of the stage. Plus, we got extra leg room, which was awesome for this pregnant lady. Oh, and the seat right next to me was empty, so I had somewhere to direct my sneezes. The only bummer about the whole night was the fact that we didn’t have enough time to get dinner before the show (the taco place we planned to eat at was closed and there weren’t any other takeout type places nearby), so I got an overpriced cheese plate at the theater’s concession stand/bar that was less than mediocre.

Overall, it was a great night and I’m glad we went. I definitely recommend it to anyone in the LA area!

NYE 2011

4 Jan

I’m a little late with this post, but better late than never, right? Originally, we had planned to spend the early part of New Years Eve with my family celebrating my aunt’s birthday and then I thought we would come home and be asleep before midnight. However, plans changed with my family and my husband surprised me with late dinner reservations at a fancy restaurant. He didn’t tell me where we were going until we were almost there and I was pleasantly surprised. We went to Saddle Peak Lodge, the same place we went for our anniversary last year! Unfortunately, all I have is cell phone pics, but here’s what we ate:

I had the filet, same as last time. So amazing.

My husband had the wild game trio: wild boar, ostrich, and antelope. A bit more daring of a choice, but equally as delicious. We also shared the pork belly appetizer (oh yum) and the chocolate cake with ice cream (yes thanks). The food is amazing and the service is equally as good. The decor is a bit… quirky. There are animal heads everywhere. However, it’s so unique and cozy we just love it as a romantic splurge.

This was sort of our last hurrah. There’s a good chance we won’t go out for a fancy dinner like this for a very long time, so we decided to live it up. Since we didn’t get back from dinner until almost 11:30, we made it past midnight like the youngsters!

Ew, sorry about the terrible quality of this picture. Here we are ringing in the new year!

I was a party animal with my Martinelli’s!

I really loved the outfit I wore that night, so I’m going to wear it for my weekly bump pictures so you can see. I’m also wearing it to a wedding we’re going to this weekend.

How did you ring in the new year?

Pet Peeves

6 Oct

After being married for a little over two years, I feel like we’re no longer newlyweds. Those little things that my husband does, which never bothered me before, are now starting to get on my nerves. I know I do things that bug him, as well. That’s what marriage is about, right? Not loving someone despite their flaws, but because of them.

Here are a few things my husband does that drive me up the wall:

1. Leaving clothes on the bathroom floor and shoes/socks in the living room.
2. Not actively listening (looking somewhere else, doing something else).
3. Taking bites of food off the plate or out of the pan in the kitchen before sitting down at the table to eat.
4. Leaving food out on the counter and forgetting to put it back in the refrigerator.
5. If he starts telling me something, and I tell him I already know (what a movie is about, for example), he’ll keep explaining it instead of just stopping.

Camping in Big Sur this summer

Am I perfect? Heck no! Do I make messes and leave my crap everywhere? Yes. For some reason, though, it doesn’t bother me when I do it. Ha.

Here are a few things I do that I know my husband can’t stand:

1. Use too much toilet paper and leave a tail hanging off the roll.
2. Hog the computer.
3. Talk to him like a child.
4. Brake things I can’t fix (like the garbage disposal last night right before our friends came over for dinner).
5. Everything about the way I drive.

What are your pet peeves? What do you think you do that annoys others?

10 Years

22 Aug
I’ve said before that facebook has ruined high school reunions and I stand by that statement. I had fun (kind of), but I’m just so shy and awkward and mainly just stuck to my group of friends rather than mingling with a bunch of people I never really talked to in high school. Plus, I already know what most of them are up to because of facebook.

I got my makeup done for the occasion and the girl at Mac did an amazing job. Please excuse the scary devil red eyes.

Thank goodness my husband came with me. I needed him there for moral support!

My girls! I stuck to them the whole time. I pretty much only said hi to other people if I ran into them on the way to or from the bathroom, or if they came up to me directly. I wish I could get over my shyness, but I think at this point in my life I might be stuck with it forever.

We left pretty early because I was starving (didn’t have time to eat dinner before we left and the appetizers there weren’t doing it for me). I stayed sober, but my husband had a few drinks and woke up with a nice hangover the next morning. Maybe I would’ve had more fun with a few glasses of champagne in me!

Have you been to a high school reunion? Would you go? Why or why not?

Sleepy Anxiety

8 Aug

I start at my new school one week from today. I’m terrified. The dreams should start any night now. I always have scary dreams about work at the end of big breaks (summer and winter). I wonder if that will ever go away…

I’m tired. All I want to do is eat and sleep. This is making it difficult to prepare lesson plans and set up my classroom. I’ll get it done, though. I always do.

This weekend we my husband almost finished our entryway. He wanted the record to show that I did not help AT ALL. I just paid for the paint.

I took this picture of the paint chips because we were buying the paint, but I already had picked out the colors from swatches we have had since right after Emily styled our house. She told us what would compliment the dark purple in the living room and we listened. I will tell you what color we went with once it is all done.

Saturday night, we went to my friend Michelle’s parents’ house for a BBQ. I had fun playing with her adorable son, Carter.

We went to church on Sunday morning and afterwards my husband made breakfast. Love that guy.

I feel kinda bad that my husband worked so hard this weekend on the entryway while I sat around and did nothing. But, not THAT bad.

Ok, back to worrying myself to sleep. I hope you had a great weekend!

Happy Father’s Day

19 Jun

To Jesus, my stepdad:

Thank you for always being there for me for the last 17 (can that be true?) years. You have been the best stepfather a girl could ask for.

To Don, my father-in-law:

Thank you for making me laugh and rarely laughing at my expense, though I know I am an easy target. You are an amazing father to my husband and a terrific grandfather to our nieces and I’m so proud to be part of your family.

To my husband, not a father yet, but a “wanna-be”:

Thank you for bringing so much laughter and joy to my life. I can’t wait to see where our lives take us and I know you will be an amazing dad.

Your stepdaughter,
your daughter-in-law, and
your wife…


**All photos courtesy of the best photographers on the planet, The Caldwells Photography**

Happy Anniversary!

23 May

Today is our second wedding anniversary and oh is it sweet!

We celebrated last night at Saddle Peak Lodge, which was a serious splurge for us, but it was well deserved. This past week has been full of great news (that I will share soon) and we feel so lucky to have eachother.

My husband gave me the necklace I’m wearing in the photo above with matching earrings. I gave him a video game. HA! We both loved our gifts, even though one was clearly more romantic than the other.

Since tonight is our real anniversary, we’ll cook at home, exchange cards, and put our yearly photo in the album my friend Jessica gave us. Each year we put a photo from our anniversary in it and write a little description of how we celebrated. It is a sweet tradition and one that will be amazing to look back on after many years of marriage.

Happy anniversary babe! I love you more each day and can’t wait to see what the future brings for us!


16 Jan

My random thoughts on a Saturday…

I watched the Secrets from a Stylist special that aired over the summer online today. It brought so many memories back from when I watched it the first time (and live tweeted with Em and the gang – yes, I realize I’m a dork). I remember being in awe with her mad skillz and thought I’d never be so lucky as to have her give me a dose of her styling expertise. I am so lucky. Wow. I can’t wait to see what she does. Seriously. I can’t freaking wait.

The whole house is now completely organized and mostly clean. We did some yard work today and all we have to do is sweep and mop one last time before Monday morning. It was honestly not that hard to organize all the closets and cupboards and drawers. It just took a bit of time, but it feels so amazing. With the beautiful weather today and the windows open with our clean and organized home, I felt so light and free. I need to remember this feeling the next time I’m shoving junk in a drawer or closet.

I’m babysitting the most precious little girl tonight. She is so cute it makes my ovaries ache. I put her to bed and started a little craft project. I made a ribbon flower corsage like this one. Mine is hot pink and a little huge. I wanted it to be big, but I think I took it too far. I’m going to try to make another one that is a bit smaller so it doesn’t scream, “LOOK AT ME!” I want to wear it for filming.

My cousin wants me to post about my outfits, but I have a question for you, my 3 readers: should I just post the outfits on the hangers, or should I try them on and take pics wearing them?

Tomorrow, I’m going to see my friend Kristine and she’s going to do my eyebrows – wax and tint. I got my hair done yesterday and Monday I’ll get a manicure to complete my primping process. I hope I look good on TV. I’m sure even if I do look alright, I won’t be able to watch myself. I wish I wasn’t so critical of myself.

I want to start a blog about pregnancy and babies. I want to have many different people contribute posts about their own stages of TTC or pregnancy, or adoption, or parenthood. I’d like to have men and women bloggers of all different walks of life. Are you interested in something like this? In my head, the bloggers would “retire” from the blog when their child reaches one year old. However, those who already have a child over a year would be able to blog if they were having another. This is just something I’m mulling over (don’t steal my idea, k?).

I want to be a pescatarian (kind of like a vegetarian, but with fish), but I have a really hard time committing to it. For example, last weekend, I went to a friend’s house for her birthday party and they served BBQ chicken. I hadn’t had any chicken in a few days and was trying to eliminate it, but she kept asking if I had eaten any chicken yet and I didn’t want to say, “I don’t eat chicken anymore.” I’d never want to be the one who doesn’t eat this or that or whatever. I don’t want people to feel like they have to make special dishes for me if I eat at their house. I also don’t want my choices to affect my husband. If he wants meat, he should be allowed to have it. If he has it, I’ll have it because I don’t like to make separate meals. Plus, I do love sausage, bacon, burgers, steak… I don’t have to eat it and I don’t want to eat it, but if it is in front of my face, I’m not going to turn it down.

My husband is amazing. I love him so much and am so proud to be his wife. We make a great team. Something really awesome happened this week for him and it has made me realize that maybe everything is falling into place. Maybe it was meant to be that we didn’t get pregnant last year. Maybe the Universe has something even better in store for us. I’m excited to find out.

I usually take power yoga on Sundays at the gym, but this week I’m going to take power yoga and gentle yoga back to back. I loved the class last week so much (the regular instructor is back from vacation) and I think I am at the point where I can handle two hours of yoga, especially with her.

My father-in-law picked up the dogs on Thursday and we won’t see them again until after filming is finished. I miss them so much! They sleep in our bed (shame on us), but that doesn’t fly at grandma and grandpa’s. They’ve been putting them both in our big crate in the garage at night to sleep. Every time I think about it I feel sad. I know they’re fine, but my poor babies! It is really quiet and lonely without dogs in the house. I love it in the morning because they’re not begging us for food at 6:00am, but when I’m home alone it is far too quiet. I’ve realized I hate being completely alone.

Happy Birthday!

24 Nov

Today is my husband’s birthday.

At Cho Cho San for his birthday in 2006, the year we met.
He is such an incredible guy and I am so lucky to have him. 
Happy Birthday Babe! You’re getting so OLD!!
Yesterday was my step-dad’s birthday.
Thanks for always being there for us! Can’t wait to celebrate tomorrow!!
Two days ago was my dear friend Celeste’s birthday.
Celeste and me on Halloween in ?year?
I miss you so much Celest-a. Thank you for all that you have taught me!
And on Saturday, it was my little brother’s birthday.
Photo taken last night… my hair still looks like that today.
Stop growing up! Thank goodness you’ll still cuddle with me. I love you, Mateo! Happy Birthday!
November is a cray-zay month for us with all the birthdays and Thanksgiving times two (my family’s and my husband’s family’s), but it is also a month full of family, celebrations, and LOVE!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! Eats lots of PIE!!