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Home from work

14 Jan

Some days, I pull up into the driveway and see someone peeking at me between the curtains.


Is there anything better to come home to than this?


I don’t think so.



25 Dec

This was the best Christmas ever. Liam made it so wonderful. He is such a happy baby and we love him more than words can express. Here’s a bunch of pictures from our day:


First row:

My husband putting together Liam’s first radio flyer. Santa came! Liam didn’t want to come into the living room in the morning, which meant I didn’t get my classic Christmas face picture. Finally, he attacked the presents.

Second row:

He liked the wrapping paper best. Getting a ride from Dad in the walker/wagon. Dad teaching his son a little golf. The place cards came out very cute – thanks to my mother in law for putting them together at the last minute!

Third row:

Liam with his cousins Gwen and Ava. Mother and son. Liam with his second cousins Kevin and Elizabeth. Father and son.

Fourth row:

My mother in law Ann with her grandchildren. Ava and her favorite person, her grandpa. Eating dinner at the pretty tables I forgot to photograph. My sister in law Molly with Baba (Grandma Barbara).

I hope you had a great Christmas full of love.


OOTD: School Holiday

17 Sep

I had the day of from work, so Liam and I played and ran some errands. I wore cranberry pants and a chambray shirt from Old Navy and he wore blue shorts and a yellow striped shirt from Carter’s. As you can see, he tries to grab anything and everything I’m holding now!


4 and 5 months

7 Sep

Time flies! Liam’s 4 and 5 month post is up on Hellobee today, so click here to check it out!


3 months!

19 Jul

Liam’s 3 month update is up on Hellobee today!


Check it out here.

OOTD: Starbucks and a pedicure

11 Jun

I’m sorry I’ve been MIA. I actually feel really bad that I haven’t done Liam’s weekly posts in a while. I have taken the pictures, but with my husband being on crutches, I have no time to sit at the computer and edit them and write the posts. Maybe we’ll have to just do monthly posts…

Today, I was able to pick up my step sister and go get a pedicure. Liam stayed asleep and she just pushed him in the stroller around the block. It was so nice to be able to do that!! Here’s what I wore:


Skinny jeans and a bright coral top from old navy, flip flops and dangly earrings. I got my toes painted the same color as the top.

Here’s what Liam wore:


He’s wearing a romper from baby gap – it was on sale. I think blue is definitely his color, not just because he’s a boy, but because it matches his eyes. I really hope they stay blue!

My husband goes in for an MRI on his foot tomorrow – send positive thoughts for no surgery needed!!

7 weeks

20 May

Oh my gosh he’s so cute I can’t stand it! We celebrated my first Mother’s Day this week with brunch at Grammy’s restaurant and a lazy afternoon at home. Liam slept five hours straight the night before Mother’s Day and repeated it a couple times later in the week. I’m debating trying out a schedule during the day to see if that will help him sleep longer during the night, but I’m also enjoying ourĀ unscheduledĀ life, so I haven’t decided yet.

We’re going on longer and more frequent walks because I’m feeling the need to get my body back. Liam usually sleeps because he likes the movement, but if I stop to take a drink of water, he’ll start whining. He’s the same way in the car and will usually wake up at stop lights or in d rive thru lines.

Liam survived time away from me twice this week: once with his dad while I got my hair cut and once with Grammy while I tutored. I was a nervous wreck both times, but all went well.

I’m trying to get him to spend more time on his tummy so he can work on his head control, but he doesn’t like it very much, so I try to do 10 minutes here and there when he’s in a good mood. Sometimes he does it in his crib and sometimes on a blanket on the floor. We’re going to turn the office/guestroom into a playroom of sorts and we want to get one of those foam play mats, so that will be good for tummy time (I’ve read that the harder surface of the foam mat helps with learning to crawl). Once he’s 8 weeks I’d like to join a mommy and me class, but they’re pretty expensive, so we’ll have to see if we can afford it.

I’ve finally started pumping more regularly, usually in the morning when he falls asleep for his long nap. Since we give him a small bottle every other night, on those days I pump for that and on the other days I pump for the freezer stash. On June 1st I have to work for just one day so I can get paid over the summer, so I need to continue building our freezer stash so my husband has enough milk. I’m still planning on coming home for lunch to nurse, though, so it won’t be that bad. Then, I’ll have the whole summer to build a stash for when I go back to work (sob).

It’s still really hard to find time to blog – he’s asleep on my chest right now – but hopefully it will get easier with time.

I hope you’re having a lovely weekend!

Happy Mother’s Day

13 May


To all the moms, especially those who have yet to meet their future babies, as I know how hard this day can be for those still waiting, I hope you have a day filled with love!

I feel so lucky to be Liam’s mom.

6 weeks

11 May

Are you ready for the cutest picture ever? It took a lot of work to get it, so please ignore that it’s slightly blurry.

This is the first awake smile I’ve been able to capture with a camera! He’s been giving me little awake smiles for about a week now, but they’re becoming more and more frequent. I can’t get enough!

Everyone says things get easier after six weeks and they’re right. I’m not saying it’s easy taking care of a baby, but it’s definitely not as hard as it was the first few weeks. As Liam and I are getting to know each other better, I am able to read his cues and keep him happy while getting time for myself.

I’ve really started to love the moby this week and use it at least once a day now. He usually falls asleep in it and stays asleep longer than he will if I put him down, so I’m able to get some stuff done around the house. I never thought I’d be so eager to do laundry and dishes!

We also started cloth diapering this week and it’s going well so far! It does mean I’m doing laundry all the time, but it’s not a big deal since I’m not working. I can see it being hard once I go back to work, though. Oh, and I’m in complete denial about that, by the way. I just can’t. Don’t make me.

OOTD: Saturday Baby Shower

7 May

This is my first OOTD post! I was feeling put together and sort of cute, which is rare these days, so I decided to snap a picture before we headed to my friend Laura’s baby shower on Saturday.


I wore a blue maternity dress from target, white cardigan, floral scarf from old navy, brown belt, and flip flops.


Liam wore a striped polo jumper from old navy, a green bum genius cloth diaper (first time for these – big step!) and froggy socks from target. He’s such a handsome date!