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Happy New Year!

2 Jan

We had a pretty lame NYE, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t appreciate how wonderful 2012 was to us. It gave us our beautiful baby boy and lots to be thankful for.

At least Liam got fancy for NYE.

For 2013, I have a few things in mind I’d like to focus on to improve myself, but I’m not huge on resolutions, so let’s call them goals.

1. Be healthy. Go on walks, eat right, yadda yadda yadda. We’re taking family photos in less than three months, so I’d like to look good for those.

2. Be happy. Choose to focus on the positive and be satisfied with my life. Appreciate my family and my job and don’t be a negative nelly.

3. Be me. Do some stuff for myself every once in a while. Get my nails done. Decorate. Plan parties. Shop. But don’t blow the budget.

Sound good? What are your goals for the year?

DITL: Pregnant Edition, Part 3

25 Jan

Part 1

Part 2

I eat a granola bar on my way home from work (why does my life seem to revolve around food?)…

These from Trader Joe’s are so yummy.

I meet my husband at home and we head out to the appointment at around 3:00pm.

I pack some pretzels and water because I know there can be a long wait at this doctor’s office and I’m always hungry, obviously.

My husband is laughing because he just made an inappropriate joke, as usual.

I sneak this picture of the ultrasound computer when we’re alone in the exam room because there are signs everywhere that say no cellphones or picture taking allowed.

After our appointment, which was pretty uneventful, we head to my sister in law’s to visit with her and our nieces at around 4:30pm. Then, we go out for pizza.

How cute are they?

There was a beautiful sunset, but I didn’t get a picture, so I stole my sister in law’s off facebook.

Thanks, Molly! Beautiful, right?

We get home at around 6:30pm and I put our new photos in our little ultrasound album while we watch the end of the state of the union.

It kind of felt like watching a pep rally in high school.

Then, time for some jellybeans (this is why I should not be allowed to go to Costco alone)…

And some puppy play time. Jackson was squeaking that toy like crazy!

We head to bed extra early tonight at 7:45pm! Usually we’re still eating dinner at this time. My husband made a fire and we watched Jon Stewart while I blogged.

I’m currently watching reruns of Sex and the City and it’s a little after 10:00pm. My husband has been asleep for at least an hour, but I couldn’t sleep until I finished these posts. Now that I’m done, good night!

DITL: Pregnant Edition, Part 2

25 Jan

Part 1

I listen to Ryan Seacrest on the way to work, but I wish Adam Corolla still had a morning radio show. He’s my favorite.

We have these fancy new hand scanners we use to sign in. So official. I sign in at 7:35am.

The first thing I do when I get to my room is put up the new agenda on the board. It’s good for the students and good for me, so we all know what’s going on that day. Today was a professional development day, so each class is a little shorter and the kids get out early, but the teachers go to meetings until 3:15pm.

This screen stays on a tab on my browser all day so I can take roll and enter in grades. First period begins at 8:01am, but I always have students in my room well before that.

For my ninth grade classes, we’re reading Night by Elie Wiesel. Such a powerful book.

I always eat a snack during second period and today it’s my favorite yogurt.

After second period is nutrition, so I have a little break. I stalk my registry and add a breathable bumper because a few people have told me it’s necessary.

Then, I reply to some comments on my latest post on Hellobee, which today was Our Birth Plan.

After nutrition, I have my conference period. This is a time to prepare, grade, email or call parents, turn in paperwork, or whatever else I need to do.

First, I eat another snack: honey crisp apple and low fat cheddar cheese stick.

Then, I write a quiz for my 10th grade honors students. They’re reading A Tale of Two Cities by Dickens, which isn’t my favorite, but it’s required.

Two more classes to teach, then it’s lunch time.

I have leftover mac n cheese and a diet cherry 7up. Healthy, right? I also have a few students in at lunch making up a test.

I use part of lunch to enter grades into the computer.

One more class to teach, then it’s time for professional development. I got permission to leave a little early due to my appointment with the perinatologist, so it wasn’t too bad. We affectionately refer to these meetings as teacher detention 😉 I leave work at 2:35pm and I’m home in about 10 minutes to meet my husband before we head to the appointment.

DITL: Pregnant Edition, Part 1

25 Jan

I love looking at other blogger’s day in the life posts, so I thought I’d do one of my own. I think I’ve only ever seen people with babies or toddlers do them, but it might be cool to look back on my child-free days later and remember what it was like.

Alarm goes off at 6:00am. I snooze a few times until my husband gets up, then I lay in bed and play on my phone for a while.

I’m glad this photo is such poor quality because my morning face isn’t pretty. I check all my favorite apps: facebook, twitter, instagram, google reader, email, baby center, and what to expect when you’re expecting. Then I finally get my lazy bum out of bed, which today was at around 7:00am, much later than I’d like.

Usually I stare at my closet for too long trying to figure out what to wear, something that gets more challenging each day, but today I had my outfit planned out, so it was a quick process.

I usually shower at night, so my morning routine is pretty quick. I hate waking up early more than anything, so this is my coping mechanism: get up at late as possible and rush out of the house and fast as possible. Today, the toothpaste reminded me to do my kegels because of a silly analogy our childbirth teacher made in last week’s class. I’m supposed to do 100 kegels each day, but I rarely remember to do them.

I keep my makeup routine simple: mineral foundation, mascara, and chapstick. Sometimes I wear eye shadow and lipstick, but not everyday.

All ready!

Next I make my lunch (I’ve bought lunch at work once this school year, no time to go off campus for lunch).

My husband went to work early this morning so he could get off early for our perinatologist appointment that afternoon, but usually he leaves for work after me, so I don’t have to put the dogs out. Today, they got special dental treats from momma!

Breakfast was english muffin with jam and decaf vanilla tea. I eat it in the car on the way to work.

The car was all wet from the rain the day before, but no rain expected today. It takes me less than 10 minutes to get to work, which is awesome. I finally left at around 7:25am.

It took me less than 25 minutes from the time I got out of bed to the time I left the house. See what I mean about the quick routine?