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Lincoln Premiere

9 Nov

Tonight my husband and I went to the world premiere of Lincoln.


It was a great film. My favorite parts were those depicting the relationship between Abe and his younger son. Very touching.

This is what I wore:


And while our seats were less than ideal for movie watching, they were perfect for seeing Steven Spielberg up close.


Also, on our way out of the theater, we were walking about 5 feet behind Oprah, but we didn’t know it was her until later. Sally Fields looked amazing and Joseph Gordon Levitt was cute as a button. We talked to producer Kathleen Kennedy, who my husband worked with when he was a kid, and she was so very nice. It was such a fun night!

Let’s Play Catch Up

7 Jul

I haven’t done a random post in a while and I have a lot to catch up on from the long weekend and the last few days so here it goes…

Last week, my very first week of summer vacation, I was sick as a dog. You name the symptom, I had it: vomiting, sore throat, body aches, headache, runny nose, cough, diarrhea… it was like I had four different viruses at once. No fun at all. By the weekend, I was still coughing quite a bit, but the other symptoms had subsided, so we headed down to my in-laws ranch. We had fun, despite not getting much sleep due to my coughing fits.

Our favorite part was hanging out with this little cutie:

She’s our friends’ baby, Stella, and this was during her favorite knock-down-the-cheerios-so-Mike-can-pick-it-up game. It was so stinking cute.

When we got home, our house was sparkling clean because my husband got me the most amazing end of the school year gift: the gift of a professional house cleaning. You see, I’m not so good at cleaning and I love nothing more than paying someone else to clean the house for me, so this was the perfect gift.

Even though the house was clean, it was kind of miserable because it was so terribly hot. Since we were away all weekend and didn’t have the air conditioning on while we were gone, it was up to 85 degrees inside when we got home, and that was after the air had been running all morning for the cleaning lady.

To escape the heat, we decided to see a movie in a nice, air conditioned theater. Since we’re too cheap to buy their over-priced popcorn and soda, we packed our dinner in my nice big purse.

We saw Super 8 and I really enjoyed it! I did have one big coughing fit in the middle of it, but I went out into the lobby and didn’t miss anything too important.

Today I had big plans to get a car wash, mani/pedi, see my new OBGYN, do some shopping, and go to a Dodger game. I only accomplished two of those things, but there’s always tomorrow! That’s what is so great about summer vacation – no rush to get things done.

My new doctor is AMAZING. I will give more details in next week’s Spearmint Baby post.

The Dodger game was really fun! My friend Roxanne took me as her date with our friends Laura and Scott who scored some amazing free seats.

Can’t see us, but look at that stadium!

I’m on a terrible schedule of staying up way too late and sleeping in way too late, but I’m hoping a little camping next week will fix all of that.

I’d like to do a little informal reader survey! If you’re reading, pretty please leave a comment telling me a little bit about yourself: are you single or married? Do you have kids or want them? Do you love dogs or prefer an animal-free house? Are you religious? Into politics? Like to knit? Please share! The more I know about you, my dear readers, the more I can tailor my posts to what interests you.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Weekend Wrap-Up

27 Jun

I’m sorry I posting this so late today. I’m not feeling so hot and couldn’t bring myself to do anything but sleep, eat, or watch TV until now. Pathetic, aren’t I?

Not only was it the first weekend of summer, but it was the first weekend of my summer break! Friday, I packed the last of my things at school and said goodbye. After work, I went out to happy hour with a few teachers, something I never do, to celebrate.

sorry for the blurry pic
I had so much fun and am so glad I got over my usual shyness and went out. Isn’t that how it usually works?
Saturday I was as lazy as I could possibly be. I pretty much did nothing while my dear husband worked on skimming the walls in our entryway. We are trying to get them flat like our living room walls are now (thanks to HGTV) and wanted to start the DIY process in the smallest of the three areas that are covered in horrible texturing.

It still needs one more coat and a lot more sanding, but it is looking pretty good! We are thinking we’ll need more than just one person to do out hallway and guest room, so if you’re into hard labor, let me know. We can pay in pizza and beer!

Sunday morning I met a few of the girls for brunch. I gave my friend Laura a late birthday present with this card:

Since there are four of us in this group of friends, I labeled each of these little girls as one of us. From left to right: Roxanne, Michelle, Laura, and Amy (me). Michelle brought her son Carter who was super cute even though I made him cry. Oops!

Last year, we got to go to the Twilight Eclipse premiere that was part of the LA Film Fest. Read about it here. This year, we decided to attend the premiere of Katie Holmes’ new movie Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark.

The movie was downtown at the Nokia theater across from the Staples center. We started off the evening with happy hour at Fleming’s which is one of my favorite date night activities. We always make an early dinner out of it. Our favorite is the beef carpaccio and calamari with sweet peppers. Mmmmm getting hungry just thinking about it.

After a couple of drinks and a good meal, we headed over to the movie where we had to endure complaining of one of the donor’s employees who believed we were sitting in their reserved seats. We ended up being moved (to better seats very close to where Guillermo del Torro, the film’s writer, and Troy Nixey, the director, sat) and found out that those employees who were so concerned about their seats left halfway through the movie to have drinks at a nearby restaurant. Whatever.

I liked the movie, though I think that’s because it wasn’t too scary – I don’t really like very scary movies. I wouldn’t say it’s a must-see, but it was a cool event to attend. Oh, and I got to see Katie Holmes in person! She’s extremely skinny.

The after party wasn’t as good as last year’s, no celebrity sightings or amazing decor, but my husband enjoyed the red velvet cupcakes and I enjoyed watching this adorable couple dance:

I love our yearly tradition of attending one event at the LA Film Fest (as a couple, my husband always goes to a few events on his own), but I’ve learned my lesson and will be wearing very comfortable shoes next year. My feet are covered in blisters today. Ouch.

How was your weekend? Busy? Lazy? Somewhere in between?

Midnight In Paris

23 Jun
My plan was to see this movie after I found out I won Oh Happy Day’s trip to Paris. I didn’t win, but I went and saw the movie tonight anyway. I went by myself, which is a luxury I will have to give up once I start working at my new school because there is a good chance I would see students at my local movie theater. I’ve never had to worry about that with my current job because I don’t live in the same neighborhood as my students, but that will change very soon!
Anyway, back to the best movie ever. I am obsessed. Besides the references to the most amazing writers and artists, I love the fashion in the movie. I have a bit of a girl crush on Rachel McAdams and her wardrobe in this movie took it to another level.
Image found here
I need this outfit. All of it.
Image from here
And this one. Please.
Image found here
Just gorgeous.
Image found here
I’ll take the outfit and the hair. I wish mine wasn’t so huge and frizzy because I do have the wave to pull this off.
Image found here
So many belts! I need more belts…
Image found here
In the scene with this outfit, she had sweaty armpits. I love that they left it in the movie because it was so real. And I’ve always been afraid of aviators, but now I think I might take the plunge.
Overall this movie was like an amazing date with a charming man. So fun and refreshing.
What’s the best movie you’ve seen lately? Did you love it because of the plot, the fashion, the music, or all of the above?

Twilight Eclipse World Premiere, Part 2

25 Jun

Part 1

We made our way through the crowds and my husband wanted to go back to that lame-o film festival lounge for another beer and to let the crowd die down before we drove home. At this point, I was going to be driving, so I just had soda and felt awkward all dressed up with the film fest too-cool-for-Twilight people. I reeeeeeeeaaaaaaaally wanted to go to the real after party and begged my husband to just go in with me and check it out. I told him we didn’t have to stay if it was dumb and crowded. He finally agreed.

They took our tickets at the door (darn! I wanted to save them!) and it was freaking awesome.

from here
The whole tent was set up to look like we were in the mountains, with snow and rocks and trees. They had food stations and bars everywhere. At first, we thought maybe we had to pay for food and drinks, but no-no. Everything was FREE. I enjoyed a few of the specialty cocktails: blueberry cosmopolitans, and we determined that I would not be driving home. My husband switched to water and let me live it up for the rest of the evening.
There were several VIP sections that were raised up so you could see everyone hanging out. This is where the stars were. We spent the majority of the time just circling these VIP lounges trying to get a glimpse of someone famous. Want to know who we saw?
This is BooBoo Stewart and his sister Fivel Stewart. BooBoo (wow, what a name!) plays the newest member of the wolf pack, Seth. His sister’s dress was intense!
Elizabeth Reaser plays Esme, the vampire mom. Her dress looked totally see-through, but she has the body to rock it!
We ended up walking in behind Gil Birmingham and everyone was freaking out and taking pictures. I kind of felt famous for two seconds. He plays Jacob’s dad, I think.
We actually didn’t see Kristen at the after party, but here she is looking extra stupid (can’t stand her).
Super-hot Nikki Reed looked like she was having a great time.
R – Patts was rockin’ that red suit. It was easy to tell him apart with his huge hair.
Anna Kendrick is just adorable. Love her.
Oh yes, we saw my love, Taylor Lautner. He is just scrumptious. I had a blueberry in my drink and we joked that we were close enough to him that if we threw one, we could hit his forehead.
We also saw Big Mike from The Blind Side and some other people that looked famous, but I’m not that good at recognizing people. Since we didn’t get there at the very beginning, we missed a lot of the big stars, but I got to see my Jacob, so I was happy as a clam.
Aside from the free gourmet food, dessert, and drinks, they also had a photo booth. We had to take two pictures because we lost the first one.
Super cute, right? 
My husband had sobered up and was more than ok to drive us home. I, however, was pretty drunk and woke up this morning feeling less than chipper. I had such a great time. I am SO glad I talked my husband into going to the after party (and he was glad, too) because without that, the night would have been pretty blah. We don’t go out too often, mostly because we’re short on spending money, so it was great to spend that time together doing something really unique and memorable!

Twilight Eclipse World Premiere

25 Jun

I wore #6, the long, strapless, black dress that was actually a bridesmaid dress for my friend Michelle’s wedding. But you don’t really care about what I wore, do you?

My husband works in Hollywood and the premiere was downtown, so I picked him up at work and we got there early to get our tickets. If we didn’t pick up our tickets by 7:00pm for the 7:30pm start time, they would give away the tickets. The line for our portion of the alphabet was about 5 times longer than any other line, so we waited and waited, just to pick up our tickets.

At this point, after waiting in line for at least 45 minutes, I thought my husband was going to just leave me there and go home. He was not really having fun. My feet were already aching, but I was starving and he needed a cocktail, so we checked out the LA Film Festival Lounge on the roof of the parking structure.

They took this photo of us right before we walked in. I was glad we got some kind of picture of the night because the information we received explicitly stated that no cameras or camera phones would be allowed inside the theater and that we should leave them in the car or they would take them away. The lounge was empty and kind of lame. I got a gross margarita-type drink, but gave it to my husband after a few sips. They didn’t have any food, just these zone perfect bars (obvious sponsor), so we decided to go find a place to get some grub. After fighting our way through the crowds (psycho Twi-hards were EVERYWHERE), we ended up at Flemings and had some wine and calamari. When we left it was 7:00, so we rushed limped (I already had blisters) back to the theater to get our seats.

We picked up our free popcorn in these awesome cups (don’t worry, they’re going in the camping supplies), which were supposed to be one per person, but my husband stole and extra so we could have all three characters. We also got free soda! We soon realized that there was no way the movie was starting on time. It was already 7:45 before any of the important people showed up. They played the red carpet arrivals in the theater while we waited.

Dude – I really can’t stand Kristin Stewart. Her whole “I’m too cool to smile at the camera and act like a normal human being” act completely pisses me off. Get over yourself. And who took your other sleeve?

Remember I said they give away your tickets if you don’t pick them up by 7? Well, we saw them handing out all the extra tickets to the fans who had been camping out and screaming and snapping pictures and getting autographs. Most of those seats were right behind us…

We saw Kristen, Rob, and my personal favorite, Taylor all come in and take their seats – well, actually, we heard the screams of all the 14 year olds in the audience, then we looked down at the orchestra level and saw a girl with only one sleeve and a guy in an ugly red suit and another guy… actually I couldn’t tell Taylor from his entourage and then we realized that they were finally inside and the movie would start soon. Oh and BY THE WAY, everyone and their mother had cameras and phones. I was super annoyed that I didn’t have mine because I totally could have gotten some really far away shots of the cast members walking in. BUMMER!

My husband was not a happy camper and said that he didn’t want to go to the after-party because it would be too crowded and he just wanted to go home. I was disappointed, but figured he was probably right. We watched the movie – which I really enjoyed, even with the endless 14 year old girl screams every time someone kissed, or took his shirt off, or whatever. It was funny and action-packed and sweet. I read all the books last year, but totally forgot what this one was about so it was nice to let it all come back to me. When the movie was over, we stayed until the end of the credits and headed out.

To be continued…

Twilight: Eclipse World Premiere

22 Jun

Remember when I got to go to the taping of the Glee season finale? What about when I told you my husband’s company is sending both of us to Australia for free? DUDE! My husband gets the hook-ups.

About a month ago, when my husband asked me if I wanted to go to a free screening of Eclipse before it came out in theaters I was stoked. I thought it would be in a small theater near his office and I wouldn’t have to wait in line or pay for tickets. I’m not one to go see a movie like this the first or even second weekend because I hate waiting in line and being in the theater with a bunch of screaming 14 year-olds. I see enough of that age group everyday at work.

As it got closer, I started hearing things on the radio about the world premiere of Eclipse and that it was on June 24th in LA. Our tickets were for June 24th in LA… hmmm…

Then I looked at the paper my husband printed out and it said it was at the Nokia theater…. where the world premiere – with the celebrities and red carpet and screaming fans – was being held.

Sure enough, this is the free screening we’re attending!

These are some fans who have been camped out waiting for the premiere since Monday. Wow.

So, what do I wear? I know we don’t have to dress up, but if we’re going out to dinner and to this huge theater, any outfit suggestions?

Review In Short: The Back-up Plan

19 May
Tonight, a few friends and I went to dinner and a movie. I was worried it would be another stupid chick flick and I would have wasted my hard earned dough, but it was actually really quite hilarious!

My favorite character was the boston terrier that walked with the help of a wheelchair. When they talked to him, he cocked his head, just like our puggle, Ruby.

We were all laughing out loud throughout most of the movie. I thought maybe it was just me who thought it was so funny, but my friends really enjoyed it as well. There was just one part that rubbed me the wrong way…

In this scene, the main character, Zoe, is in a single mom’s group. One of the members is having a baby and they invite her to attend the home birth. Do you know how I feel about birth? No? Well this scene depicted the home/water birth as some crazy hippie exorcism. In the above photo, you can see that one woman is playing a drum and signing. Zoe got chosen as the “focal point” for the mother and therefore couldn’t walk away. The woman birthing was bleating like a goat and yelling at everyone around her. I admit, it was a funny scene, but mostly because it was so ridiculous and unrealistic.

I guess the thing that bothers me the most is that Zoe is dancing and acting totally normal when her water breaks and then she immediately starts having contractions. She is rushed to the hospital where she screams and pushes the baby out while lying on her back surrounded by doctors and monitors. This is considered the “normal” way to give birth. The “sane” way.

I know they are making a movie based on the book The Art of Racing In the Rain, which I wrote about here. In the book, the woman has a very peaceful home birth with two midwives while her husband is away racing cars. I really hope they leave that in the movie and show the world was a real home birth can look and feel like (well not literally, sorry to emotionally scar you).

What movie has surprised you lately?