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39 weeks

28 Mar

Well, folks, this is it. This is my last weekly pregnancy photo. I’m going into the hospital tonight to be induced. Not what I had hoped for, but my fluid is low and his head is big, so my doctor said we either had to induce now or schedule a c-section. I’m really hoping I can have a smooth, vaginal delivery, but I know the most important thing is that Liam is healthy, so I’m going to try to go with the flow and not stress.

I got sick on Sunday, so I’m still kind of recovering, which isn’t ideal. I have a bit of a cough and am congested, but I’m feeling much better today that I have all week, so that’s good.

I made it to the end with no stretchmarks on my belly (I’ve had them on my hips, thighs, and butt since high school) and I still have ankles! Hooray! For your giggling pleasure, here’s a couple of naked belly photos – something I swore I’d never do, but decided to cave in to once I realized I might never remember what I looked like this pregnant.

I’m going to miss this big belly of mine!

It might take me a few days to post an update here, but I will post a picture of Liam when he arrives over on Life with Liam, so be sure to check there Thursday evening or Friday morning!

38 weeks

23 Mar

Home stretch!! On Monday, I’ll have just one more week until my due date. I can’t believe my first pregnancy is almost over! It felt like yesterday that I shared the news with you guys.

Ok, so I’ve been out of work for two weeks now and I’m starting to get bored. Here’s how my days tend to go: I wake up when my husband gets up and he brings me breakfast in bed. Yes, I know how incredibly lucky I am and I am soaking up every minute of it. I watch the news while eating and checking my phone for updates, then after my husband leaves for work, I fall back asleep until around 11am. I try to plan at least one outing each day so I don’t spend the whole day in my PJs, so I’ll go to the store or meet friends for lunch or pick up my brother at school or something, which requires me to actually get dressed and brush my teeth. However, as soon as I get home from whatever outing I’ve been on, I immediately change back into my sweats, like those I’m wearing above. I usually work in a little bit of housework like emptying the dishwasher or folding laundry, but I rarely make dinner. I don’t stay up too late, but I’m usually up reading or watching TV for a bit after my husband falls asleep. The nights are funny. I get up many many times to go to the bathroom and each time I try to switch the side I’m sleeping on. I feel like that video clip of Kate Gosselin when her huge belly is covered in seran wrap and she can barely lift it. Turning over is quite a task, but I manage. Sometimes, the heartburn is so bad at night that I have to lay with my head propped up or I feel like I’m going to throw up. I’ve been lucky that I haven’t had much heartburn until the very end, but when it rains, it pours.

We finished our baby care class last night with infant CPR, the best part of the class. We also covered car seat installation and we were chosen as the guinea pigs since our due date was first. We parked our car in front, car seat installed, and the instructor told us how we did it wrong. Actually, we did it  right, but it wasn’t tight enough for him, so he got on top of it to force it down and tighten it more (or pretended to – it seemed the same as before when he was done). Whatever, someone had to be the guinea pigs…

I was checked at my last doctor appointment, but haven’t made any progress. I’ve been having a ton of contractions, though, so I’m hoping I’ll be a little bit dilated at my next appointment. We’re definitely anxious to meet our little one!

I’m so excited to see The Hunger Games this weekend with my friends!! What are your plans for the weekend?

And now we wait…

19 Mar

Let the waiting games begin!

On Friday, we went back to the perinatologist and found out that all my resting a drinking has paid off and my fluid levels have increased. They’re still low, but not dangerously so, which means little Liam can stay put for a bit longer.

We also finished the nursery and my dear friend Michelle took pictures of it on Saturday! Now that it’s done, I’m not sure I know what to do with myself. It was all I thought about for so long and now it’s ready for a baby!

I have a few more papers to grade, but I’m hoping to be able to drop those off at work on Tuesday, just in case the baby comes early because I know once he is here, grading papers is the last thing I’ll want to do.

I’ve been having contractions just about every day, but nothing huge or consistent. They feel like bad menstrual cramps, so I hope they are working to get my body ready for labor. Now that I can’t work, I feel like I’m wasting time off without spending it taking care of the baby, so I’m anxious for him to arrive, whereas I wasn’t so ready when I was still working. I’ve decided that if I’m dilated at least 2 cm, I’ll consider an induction before my due date (which is in just two weeks!), but if I’m tightly closed or just at a 1, I don’t want to induce because I worry that it might lead to a c-section in that case. I see my OB this afternoon, so I’ll likely have a better idea of my progress and options after that.

This week, I plan to go out to lunch with friends, meet my husband on his lunch break to visit my favorite burger joint, Umami burger, and enjoy some alone time before everything changes. If we don’t have the baby by the weekend, I hope to be able to score tickets to see The Hunger games, as I’ve recently gotten hooked on the books. I finished the first one really fast, but I’m trying to pace myself through the second and third because I want to make them last.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite pictures from the nursery shoot this weekend, taken by Michelle.

37 weeks

16 Mar

What a week! Where do I begin?

Saturday and Sunday my husband and I did a lot of work inside and outside our home. I might have pushed myself a bit too far on Sunday, but I felt so accomplished.

Monday I had an appointment with the perinatologist to check the baby’s position and size. He was head down (YAY!), but unfortunately my fluid was very low. They’re supposed to be able to find and measure four pockets of fluid, but they could only find one, so they were pretty concerned. They told me that I needed to drink lots more water, especially the kind with added electrolytes, and to take it easy and come back Friday (I’m writing this on Thursday, so I’ll go back tomorrow). Basically, when your pregnant, all the water you drink goes to your own muscles first, then what’s left over goes to the baby. So, if I do too much physical activity, the baby won’t be getting the fluid he needs and that could be why my levels are so low. They didn’t give me a straight answer on whether or not I should go back to work – one tech said no, the other said sure, as long as I stayed sitting (which is hard as a teacher). Then, I spoke to my OBGYN who told me I would be going in twice a week for non-stress tests and that I was done working, so that was that. I stopped by work later that day to pick up my computer and some papers to grade that I had recently collected and wrote a good-bye note to my students on the board.

Most people think it’s great I don’t have to work and, while it is nice not to have to get up early everyday, it’s actually kind of hard right now. I wasn’t prepared to leave yet, so I’m emailing with my department chair constantly about the transition to the new teachers. Plus, this means I’ll get less money on my next paycheck than we had planned, so that’s an additional stressor.

Speaking of stress, my husband just found out today that he has shingles, which is often caused by stress. Lovely! Since I’ve had chicken pox before, I should be safe, but it is definitely terrible timing. Luckily it doesn’t seem like he got a terrible case and it’s already on it’s way out. I hope it clears up soon, because I’m going to need him at his healthiest once we have the baby!

On Monday, we came home from the doctor to no internet. They disconnected our service because we’ve actually been getting internet for a really long time without being billed for it. One day they just stopped sending us bills, but the internet kept working, so we’ve been thinking they might catch on one day. Fortunately, they won’t charge us for the months they forgot to bill us, but we won’t have internet until Friday (tomorrow for me, today for you). It hasn’t been ideal that my first week at home I haven’t had internet, but luckily my mom lives close by, so I’ve been able to come over a couple of days to get some things done for work and to blog.

37 weeks is officially full term, so if I went into labor, I’d have a baby! We are thinking with the low fluid levels that I’ll probably deliver sooner rather than later, either by going into labor on my own, or being forced to by my doctor (induction or c-section) if the baby needs to come out. My husband wants a St. Patrick’s Day baby, but I hope he stays safe in there for another week or so, at least. However, by this time next week, I might be so bored and over it, I could be begging for him to come out!

The nursery is FINISHED!! I never thought I’d see the day. Michelle is taking pictures on Saturday, then I’ll be able to share Liam’s room! I can’t wait for you guys to see it. I think it looks pretty cute.

The only thing left to do before the baby comes is to finish grading those papers (once I have the baby, who knows when I’ll be able to work on them) and clean clean clean. I’m really hoping we can hire someone to come next week to clean, though, because 1) I don’t want to do it 2) my husband can clean, but not as well as I’d like and 3) I probably shouldn’t be doing the type of physical activity it will require.

Other than that, we are ready to go! Well, as ready as we can be, I suppose.

35 weeks

2 Mar

Today is March 2nd. My due date is April 2nd. Yep, that’s exactly one month! I’m trying to stay in the mindset that I’ll be late because that way I won’t be surprised if I go to 41 or 42 weeks, but who knows? One week from Monday I’ll be considered full term, so at that point we could have a baby at any time!

This is my new favorite dress. It’s from Target, but I couldn’t find it online. It’s super comfy and really shapeless, but with a cute cardigan and belt over the belly, it looks pretty cute, in my opinion. Plus, I should be able to wear it after baby with the belt at my waist (imagine: a waist).

This is the first week where I’ve thought I might not actually make it working until just 3 days before my due date. I’m starting to have a lot more trouble sleeping (last night I was awake from 1:30am to 4am) and it seems like each day I develop another ache or pain. Tuesday, my right hip hurt so bad I could barely walk. Then this morning, while I was walking down one of the many sets of stairs to my classroom, I felt a sharp pain in my right knee. I looked kind of silly hobbling down the stairs, but it went away a few hours later.

The nursery is almost done! We’re in the process of hanging art and working on some toy storage, but I’m hoping by next weekend it will be ready for pictures!

I have to admit, I never understood when women who were at the end of their pregnancy said they were done being pregnant. I’m starting to get it, now. I think I could be six or seven months pregnant forever – I really had such an easy first and second trimester. But I’m not sure anyone really enjoys being 8.5 to 9 months pregnant (I’m 9 months on Monday). I’m still not ready to be done, but I’m getting closer. If I could stay at the 7 month stage for the whole last trimester, I’d love it.

My birthday is on Tuesday! It’s also the same day as my work shower, so I’m excited for a fun day. Actually, it seems like I get to celebrate quite a few times this year: my husband and I are celebrating this Saturday, I’m having brunch in Malibu with my best friend on Sunday, then my parents are making us dinner on Sunday, and I’m going out with some great girl friends on Tuesday! I’m feeling pretty lucky.

34 weeks

24 Feb

This is what I wanted to wear to work today, but I didn’t. One of these days I’m going to break down and wear sweats to work. It’s bound to happen. Might I also add that I pulled this shirt out of a pile of clean clothes and it was really wrinkly, but after stretching it over my GIANT belly, no more wrinkles! Isn’t that… great?

Speaking of giant, I had a  doctor’s appointment on Monday where I learned that I gained 6 lbs in 2 weeks. No typos here. You read that correctly. I was in such a state of shock and horror that when the nurse took my blood pressure after weighing me, it was really high. I told her to give me a few minutes and take it again, so I could try to calm myself down. It worked, which proves that next time she should take the blood pressure first. Also, I should probably slow down on the stuffing of my face…

Even though it was a short work week, it was still a hard one. Each day I have to convince myself to get up and get ready for work because it’s the last thing I want to do. We had Spring back-to-school night last night, which wasn’t as bad as I expected. I was able to go home between work and back-to-school night and get a short nap. Then, I ate and had a pepsi for an added boost. I was definitely tired at the end of the night, but I made it though and got an awesome foot rub from my husband after (he hates feet, so that’s a big deal).

I’m so ready for the weekend. I can’t wait to sleep in and stay in my sweats and get more stuff done around the house. Oh how my priorities have changed!

Happy Presidents Day!

20 Feb

It’s unusual for my husband to have these Monday holidays off with me, so we’re taking advantage of the extra time by getting lots and lots of stuff done. Only 6 more weeks until my due date (!!!) and we’re feeling the pressure to get everything ready for baby Liam’s arrival. Here’s our weekend:


my husband cleaned the house and made breakfast

we went to Ikea for a light fixture and spare parts for the dresser

I organized shower gifts while my husband sanded/fixed the dresser

so many books! I thought this was all of them, but found about 8 more after I took this picture.

we had friends over, went to lunch and the plant store

I took my stepsister to work, picked up my brother, and traded cars with my mom

I picked up the rocking chair from the upholsterer

my brother painted his canvas (more on this project soon)

takeout and a movie for dinner

Sunday (after a terrible night’s sleep)

we stained the dresser

dogs painted a canvas

husband painted a canvas

we went to lunch at a new place

we had this yummy platter of meat, cheese, bread, and spread from a French restaurant that just opened nearby – delish!

went to Babies R Us to return/exchange/purchase some items (wasn’t a very fun experience and my husband has sworn never to go back)

more organizing in the nursery while my husband worked on the dresser

my husband left for a work event and I ate leftover takeout

graded papers and early to bed

Plans for Monday…

my husband will finish the dresser and do yard work

more organizing for me!

Target for essentials

start packing hospital bags (feels too early still, but I can write a post about it and just pack the things I won’t be using until then)

OBGYN appointment

either a movie (I really want to see The Descendants) or more organizing

more grading

WHEW! I’m tired just thinking about it all. Nesting is a funny thing: once you get the urge, you just can’t stop. I’m really excited that the nursery will be done in the next couple of weeks and can’t wait for Michelle to take pictures of it for us!

33 weeks

17 Feb

This was a big week! I had my second baby shower on Sunday, which you can see here. It was just lovely. I wore this Asos Maternity dress, which I just love. I ordered it big because I was nervous it would be too short, but I could have actually gone a little smaller, especially in the shoulders. I wore gray tights from Destination Maternity and gray pumps by Franco Sarto from Zappos (which are really high and I’m amazed I made it through the whole shower in them).

Tuesday was Valentine’s day, and I was really spoiled. My husband sent me flowers to work for the first time, as well as chocolate covered strawberries (which actually arrived a day late, but who cares, right?).

This is the first week where I’m starting to not like being pregnant anymore. I’ve had a really easy pregnancy so far, so I knew this time would come at some point, but I was hoping I had a few more good weeks. I’m definitely not ready to have the baby yet (and he’s not done growing and developing), but I’m starting to see why so many women say they’re done in the ninth month, because I’m almost there.

My husband is really picking up the slack around the house and I appreciate him so much. Thank goodness he can cook and clean because I’m not sure what we’d do if he couldn’t.

I’m really excited for my three day weekend and plan to nest nest nest. I need to go through our gifts, make some exchanges, and use our gift cards to get a few more things. Our rocker should be done at the upholsterer this weekend and my husband should be able to finish the dresser, which means all the furniture will be in the room. Then, it’s time to organize and accessorize! I can’t wait for the room to be done (and hopefully Michelle will take pictures of it for me).

Baby is still breech (as far as I can tell) and I’m getting more nervous about it by the day. I think I’ll try some of the crazy inverted positions shown on Spinning Babies this weekend. I know we still have time, but it would not be cool if I had to have a c-section because of this.

I hope you had a nice week and have an even better weekend!

32 weeks

9 Feb

On Tuesday, it rained here in LA. While I was getting dressed that morning, I said to my husband that I really wished I could wear sweats to work. I didn’t, but when I got to work, I found out it was pajama day. I’m a high school teacher, so we have spirit weeks with dress up days every semester. I was so bummed when I found out that I could have worn sweats that day and it would have been totally acceptable! This is what I would have worn that day if I had known. Comfy shirt, sweat pants, and rain boots.

I’ve noticed people staring at my belly lately. I think this must be what it’s like to have abnormally large breasts, or something. People’s eyes just go straight to the belly. I think it’s funny.

We had our last childbirth class this week and, while I learned a lot and am really glad we went, I’m glad it’s over. The class was every Thursday from 7-9pm and that’s just too late for me on a week night. I know that it has to start late for people who work regular hours, but for a teacher like me, it would have been nice if it was 5-7 or 6-8pm instead.

Sometimes I forget how big my belly is and I bump into things with it. A lot of people say I look small, but I think they’re just being nice because every time I catch my profile in the mirror, I’m shocked at how huge I am. The number on the scale is also really scary.

This week has been really busy with errands and appointments after work. I’m so ready to sleep in on Saturday and then for my big shower on Sunday! It’s going to be so fun. Things should slow down a bit next week, which is good because I can feel the effects of all the stress. Tonight, during a particularly stressful craigslist situation (we’re probably getting a dresser tomorrow), my vision went blurry. This has been a sign of an impending migraine for me in the past, so I got really nervous, especially because I can’t take medication to stop it before it starts. I started feeling better at the end of the night, so hopefully I’ll be ok tomorrow!

I haven’t put away anything from last weekend’s shower yet, so after Sunday, the nursery is going to look like a war zone. I will definitely have to set aside some time to sort through everything and get it organized so we can figure out what else we need to buy before little Liam’s arrival. Less that 8 weeks until my due date! Crazy.

Maternity Photos

6 Feb

Big thank yous to Michelle for taking the pictures and Mary for doing my makeup!

See the rest of my favorites over at Hellobee!