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Thanksgiving X 2

27 Nov

Every year, we go to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving day and to my husband’s parents’ house for the weekend after where they make a big Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday. I love that this is one holiday we don’t have to stress about and plan how we will divide our time. It’s a great tradition!


My aunt’s family came to my parents’ house on Thanksgiving and Liam had a great time playing with his cousins. He ate so much at dinner – mashed potatoes, butternut squash, green beans, cranberries, and pumpkin purée (my mom scooped some out for him before she made the pies).


There were lots of dogs at the ranch – our two, my husband’s parents’ two, his sister’s new puppy, and our friend Paul’s dog, who is Jackson’s brother. Liam loved watching them all play!

Saturday was my husband’s birthday and we always celebrate down there. Some of his friends come and it’s fun to see everyone and their growing families. Liam loved Stella, our friend Caren’s daughter. She gave him lots of kisses and covered him with her special blanket.

We also got a picture of Liam sitting in the exact spot where we got married.


I really want to take some professional family pictures here!

I hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

It’s a…

28 Nov
If you remember, my husband’s 30th birthday was on Thanksgiving this year. We thought we might open our card the night before, but we were so exhausted from going to a friendsgiving dinner, that we decided to wait until the next morning when we would be fresh. All night both of us had multiple dreams about opening the card and for both of us, every time we opened the card in our dreams it was a boy.


Our dreams came true!! Right after we opened the card (which also had an ultrasound picture of the genitals that I’ve decided to keep private), I gave my husband his other birthday present.

He’s a huge Raider fan and I ordered this onsie thinking it could work for a boy or a girl, but it REALLY works for a boy.

As for our reactions? I didn’t cry right away. I think my husband did, but he’d probably deny it. Later, though, when I went to pick up the cupcakes and to Starbucks, I was crying every five minutes. I would see something that made me think of our little boy and cry. It was quite overwhelming.

After picking up the cupcakes, we decided to try some to make sure the filling was the correct color.

They got it right! Crumbs was just great about this whole thing. I definitely recommend them for your custom cupcake needs.

I just know our little boy will grow up to be as handsome and kind as this guy. I can only hope he will be as silly 🙂

Then, we headed to my parents’ house for some cupcakes and champagne, followed by Thanksgiving dinner.

Here’s our plate of cupcakes with my little question mark flags. They were super cute, but not super practical. Nobody wants to bite into a cupcake with a toothpick in it, so you have to take it out first, but with the surprise filling, you run the risk of seeing the color on the toothpick before the big bite. It was a nice idea, but I wouldn’t recommend it.

I love this picture! They haven’t even seen the color yet, but they’re so excited!

Can you see my brother doing the fist pump YES! ? He was super excited, as were my mom and stepdad.

After some more cooking and football watching, it was time for dinner. My parents make the BEST turkey ever. The breast is so moist and flavorful, even the next day out of the microwave.

After dinner we played games and had underdone pumpkin pie (that I made – whoops) while watching Christmas movies.

The next day, we headed to my husband’s parents’ house for our second reveal and third thanksgiving. However, we wanted to wait until my husband’s sister, nieces, and friends arrived the next day, so we had to hold in our news. It was so hard and I think my husband slipped once, but he tried to cover it.

Finally, everyone (well, almost) arrived and we got another plate of cupcakes ready.

This time, only a couple of flags in the middle.

From left, Molly (sister-in-law), Ann (mother-in-law), Gwen (niece), Stella (adorable baby), and Caren (our sweet friend). My husband’s dad and our other niece Ava are just out of the frame of the picture.

Yay! It was so funny to see if people would bite into the cupcake or rip it in half to see the color.

This will be their first grandson (they have two granddaughters), so they are so excited.

Our friends Paul and Jackie arrived a little late, but we saved cupcakes for them!

Jackie lost a bet on this one!

Then, it was time for dinner. My husband worked hard carving out 12 mini pumpkins for a delicious butternut squash soup that Ann made from squash from her garden.

Adorable and delicious!

I wasn’t quite sick of turkey yet, but this meal might have put me over the turkey dinner edge. Delicious!

More games, toddler play time, and lots of talking about our future baby boy and it was time for bed. What a weekend!

The majority of you guessed that it would be a boy in my poll, so as a reward to all of you, even those who guessed wrong, I’m going to have a little giveaway! One lucky winner will receive 12 delicious mini cupcakes from Crumbs! They are not sponsoring this post, I’m paying for them out of my own money because I love you. Leave a comment on this post to enter and be sure you are signed in with your email address or leave it in the comment! Comment by Friday at 11:59pm.

Get ready for lots of nursery inspiration, baby boy clothes, and more fun baby related posts!!

21 weeks

25 Nov

Big week!  We know the sex of the baby! Eeeek!

Another big milestone this week was that I got my first “when are you due?” from a total stranger! It was the cashier at Starbucks and when I told her she was the first stranger to say something, she said the decaf coffee gave it away for her, in addition to my bump. She also has a five month old, so she knows what to look for. I’ve always thought it would be hilarious to deny it when a stranger asks, but I’m not that mean or quick-thinking. It did make me feel happy all day, though. I would shout it from the rooftops if it wasn’t highly inappropriate.

Each week, I think my skin is getting better and then I get another zit. It’s definitely not as bad as it was right before I got pregnant, but it’s not as good as it was when I was on the pill. I’m a picker, so I have a hard time letting my blemishes heal and they usually stick around a lot longer than they should. Shame on me.

I’m wearing my new favorite outfit in my photos this week. The top and pants are both from Old Navy (the sleeves on the shirt are the same length, one was just pushed up in the photo) and it’s so cute and comfy. I can wear it with boots or flats (I chose flats for the photo because I wore boots last week, but it was raining today so I changed into boots after) and I think this top will even be cute post baby.

I had my first pee emergency at work the other day. I forgot to go to the bathroom at lunch, which means I had two hours of teaching until the end of the day. Then, during my last class of the day, I felt like I had to pee, but that I could hold it, until the baby started tap dancing on my bladder. Sometimes I’ll be totally fine, just peed 10 minutes ago, and a couple kicks to my bladder will send me straight back to the bathroom. Well, it was so bad this time that I had to send a student to find a teacher who didn’t have a class that period to come and watch my students while I went to the bathroom. The kids thought it was hilarious and it totally stressed me out. I can’t let that happen again!

Hungry hungry hungry! Always! I’m trying to be good about what I eat, but it’s hard. Oreos are yummy. So is In n Out.

I hope you had a very happy Thanksgiving!!

Must Have Thanksgiving Food

22 Nov

I’m hungry all the time lately, so it’s natural that I’m really looking forward to pigging out on Thanksgiving this year. Here are the things I must have on my plate each year:

Brined turkey. Do it. Start like now.

Mashed potatoes made with real potatoes, lots of butter, and heavy cream. Throw in some fresh roasted garlic for good measure. Use this recipe from Martha or this one from my stepdad.

Cranberry sauce made with real cranberries. I like the canned version to spread on sandwiches for leftovers (dude: use hawaiin rolls, mayo, canned cranberry sauce, turkey, lettuce, and stuffing – omg yum – thank you Ann for introducing me to that), but the real stuff is delicious for the actual meal.

Something green. I have this weird thing where I have to have something green on my plate or I feel like I’m not getting a balanced meal. For Thanksgiving, I like green beans or brussels sprouts. I’m making this recipe for a friend’s potluck Wednesday night.

Stuffing without any fruit in it. Fruit in savory dishes is not ok with me.

This is the only thing that I think is better not homemade. I have to have my flaky layers biscuits. I offered to bring them this year because I want to make sure we have the right ones (one year my mom got crescents and I was super disappointed).

Pumpkin pie. This has to be my favorite dessert EVER. I’m making it for the first time this year and I really hope I don’t have to run to the store for a replacement only to find that they’re sold out. Here’s the recipe I’m using (with premade dough).

I like gravy and yams, but those are not on my must have list. Actually, gravy is pretty necessary, but I have no clue how to make it, so I leave it to the pros.

What’s on your must have Thanksgiving dinner list?