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33 weeks

17 Feb

This was a big week! I had my second baby shower on Sunday, which you can see here. It was just lovely. I wore this Asos Maternity dress, which I just love. I ordered it big because I was nervous it would be too short, but I could have actually gone a little smaller, especially in the shoulders. I wore gray tights from Destination Maternity and gray pumps by Franco Sarto from Zappos (which are really high and I’m amazed I made it through the whole shower in them).

Tuesday was Valentine’s day, and I was really spoiled.┬áMy husband sent me flowers to work for the first time, as well as chocolate covered strawberries (which actually arrived a day late, but who cares, right?).

This is the first week where I’m starting to not like being pregnant anymore. I’ve had a really easy pregnancy so far, so I knew this time would come at some point, but I was hoping I had a few more good weeks. I’m definitely not ready to have the baby yet (and he’s not done growing and developing), but I’m starting to see why so many women say they’re done in the ninth month, because I’m almost there.

My husband is really picking up the slack around the house and I appreciate him so much. Thank goodness he can cook and clean because I’m not sure what we’d do if he couldn’t.

I’m really excited for my three day weekend and plan to nest nest nest. I need to go through our gifts, make some exchanges, and use our gift cards to get a few more things. Our rocker should be done at the upholsterer this weekend and my husband should be able to finish the dresser, which means all the furniture will be in the room. Then, it’s time to organize and accessorize! I can’t wait for the room to be done (and hopefully Michelle will take pictures of it for me).

Baby is still breech (as far as I can tell) and I’m getting more nervous about it by the day. I think I’ll try some of the crazy inverted positions shown on Spinning Babies┬áthis weekend. I know we still have time, but it would not be cool if I had to have a c-section because of this.

I hope you had a nice week and have an even better weekend!

>A little late…

16 Feb

>I hope everyone had a very happy Valentine’s day yesterday! I’m not really in the mood to blog about myself right now as my mind is on friends and family, but I wanted to share some pictures of the things I made for Valentine’s day.

This is painter’s tape on the wall above our bed and the arrow points to the Ikea nightstand I bought and put together (by myself) for my husband. He hasn’t had one on his side of the bed for almost 3 years. I bought one for me too, but haven’t put that one together yet. We still need to stain or paint it, but it is doing the job!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s day and, single or attached, felt a little extra love.

Valentine’s Day Fun!

16 Feb

We started off the morning with a trip to Starbucks (yum yum) and headed out to San Pedro to my father-in-law’s fire station. In addition to fire trucks, they also work on a fire boat and as he is retiring in March, this was our last chance to go visit and take a ride through the harbor. My sister-in-law brought her kids and we had a great time chatting with the seals and soaking in the sun.

When we got home, we napped for a bit, then took a stroll around the neighborhood as it was a sunny 75 degrees that day. When we came home, the hubby left for the store and I cleaned the house. When he came back, I was greeted with these beauties:

I love my happy gerber daisies!

Soon I got to see what we were having for dinner. We like to cook for Valentine’s Day dinner because it is always so crazy busy and expensive going out that night. When I found out what we were having, I was more than delighted.

I know this picture is terrible, but our dinner was beyond amazing: bacon-wrapped Fillet Mignon, Alaskan King crab legs with garlic butter, grilled asparagus, baked potatoes with all the toppings, and of course, red wine (pinot noir is our fav). While it wasn’t the most economical at-home meal we’ve made, it was definitely less expensive than going out for Valentine’s Day and we never would have had this quality at an over-crowded restaurant.

Something else adorable my husband did? While I was showering before dinner, he made a CD with all kinds of romantic mushy lovey songs, including our first dance song from our wedding, Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours. He put it on right when we sat down to eat and it made everything that much more amazing.

Thanks, babe, for the wonderful Valentine’s Day. I love you so much!

Did you do anything special this Valentine’s Day?

So Stinkin’ Cute!

12 Feb

If I had kids, I would totally steal this idea and use it for their class Valentines.

The Friday before Valentine’s Day is always the day you celebrate at school. For younger kids, they get tons of candy and treats and give Valentines to all their classmates. For high school kids, they are all about the roses, stuffed animals, and balloons. I remember my first year teaching at my current school the principal made all the kids keep their balloons in the main office until the day was over. Every time I walked in there it felt like V-day exploded all over the otherwise dreary room. Last year I was the freshman class sponsor and we sold roses for little love birds to give to their objects of affection. This year it seems that Valentine’s Day has mellowed. I haven’t seen any balloons yet, only one rose, and one stuffed animal. It might just be too early in the day, but I think this year, Valentine’s Day is stuck in the snowstorm on the East Coast.