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7 weeks

20 May

Oh my gosh he’s so cute I can’t stand it! We celebrated my first Mother’s Day this week with brunch at Grammy’s restaurant and a lazy afternoon at home. Liam slept five hours straight the night before Mother’s Day and repeated it a couple times later in the week. I’m debating trying out a schedule during the day to see if that will help him sleep longer during the night, but I’m also enjoying our unscheduled life, so I haven’t decided yet.

We’re going on longer and more frequent walks because I’m feeling the need to get my body back. Liam usually sleeps because he likes the movement, but if I stop to take a drink of water, he’ll start whining. He’s the same way in the car and will usually wake up at stop lights or in d rive thru lines.

Liam survived time away from me twice this week: once with his dad while I got my hair cut and once with Grammy while I tutored. I was a nervous wreck both times, but all went well.

I’m trying to get him to spend more time on his tummy so he can work on his head control, but he doesn’t like it very much, so I try to do 10 minutes here and there when he’s in a good mood. Sometimes he does it in his crib and sometimes on a blanket on the floor. We’re going to turn the office/guestroom into a playroom of sorts and we want to get one of those foam play mats, so that will be good for tummy time (I’ve read that the harder surface of the foam mat helps with learning to crawl). Once he’s 8 weeks I’d like to join a mommy and me class, but they’re pretty expensive, so we’ll have to see if we can afford it.

I’ve finally started pumping more regularly, usually in the morning when he falls asleep for his long nap. Since we give him a small bottle every other night, on those days I pump for that and on the other days I pump for the freezer stash. On June 1st I have to work for just one day so I can get paid over the summer, so I need to continue building our freezer stash so my husband has enough milk. I’m still planning on coming home for lunch to nurse, though, so it won’t be that bad. Then, I’ll have the whole summer to build a stash for when I go back to work (sob).

It’s still really hard to find time to blog – he’s asleep on my chest right now – but hopefully it will get easier with time.

I hope you’re having a lovely weekend!

6 weeks

11 May

Are you ready for the cutest picture ever? It took a lot of work to get it, so please ignore that it’s slightly blurry.

This is the first awake smile I’ve been able to capture with a camera! He’s been giving me little awake smiles for about a week now, but they’re becoming more and more frequent. I can’t get enough!

Everyone says things get easier after six weeks and they’re right. I’m not saying it’s easy taking care of a baby, but it’s definitely not as hard as it was the first few weeks. As Liam and I are getting to know each other better, I am able to read his cues and keep him happy while getting time for myself.

I’ve really started to love the moby this week and use it at least once a day now. He usually falls asleep in it and stays asleep longer than he will if I put him down, so I’m able to get some stuff done around the house. I never thought I’d be so eager to do laundry and dishes!

We also started cloth diapering this week and it’s going well so far! It does mean I’m doing laundry all the time, but it’s not a big deal since I’m not working. I can see it being hard once I go back to work, though. Oh, and I’m in complete denial about that, by the way. I just can’t. Don’t make me.

5 weeks

4 May

This was kind of a big week for my little man! On Saturday evening, he got his first bottle and did so well! We’re giving him a small one every other night now so that he will be able to easily go back and forth from bottle to breast.

He has also started smiling at me when he’s awake! I haven’t been able to get a picture of his awake smiles yet, but don’t worry, you’ll be sick of seeing his smiling pictures soon enough!

He is awake more and more and loves to spend his happy awake time looking at his paintings above his changing table or his black and white pictures that we have set up in his crib. He also likes stories and to be held and walked around inside or outside the house. He still likes the car, but it doesn’t always put him to sleep right away like it used to. He only likes his bouncy seat if he’s already asleep and he’ll hang out under his baby gym for just a few minutes at a time.

I love him more and more each day and can’t wait to see what each new day with Liam brings. I know I’ll miss my tiny newborn soon, so I try to stay in the moment and savor this time because it really goes by fast!

4 weeks

28 Apr

This week we got more into a sort of routine. Typically, Liam wakes up between 6:30 and 8am. I change him, then feed him on one side and am able to put him down while I eat breakfast. Then I feed him on the other side while lying down next to him and we both fall back asleep until 10 or 11. Then, I feed him again, change his diaper and get him dressed for the day. Then, we do some tummy time in his crib, but he only makes it a few minutes before getting whiny. Then I try to get dressed and brush my teeth, but he’s usually crying most of the time, which makes me feel super rushed. I feel like I wear the same outfit every day because I never have time to figure out something new to wear. Once I’m ready-ish, I change his diaper and feed him again before heading out on some sort of errand. I like to get out of the house at least once a day because he likes the car and that way I get a bit of a break while driving. Funny how driving is now a break for me. After that, the day looses most of it’s continuity. I sneak food for myself when I can, he eats a lot more, I change a lot more diapers, my husband comes home and usually we eat dinner while I’m nursing.

Our favorite new activity has been our every other nightly daddy baths. My husband loves taking a bath with Liam and it is so adorable. Since the evening is the baby’s fussiest time, this gives my husband a few minutes of bonding time when the baby isn’t crying or nursing. After his bath, I nurse him again and we watch a little TV in bed before going to sleep. We’ve been co-sleeping because it is just so much easier, especially with breast feeding. Many people say that no bad habits can be formed in the first three months, so hopefully we’ll be able to get him sleeping on his own eventually. For now, we do what we can to survive.

Luckily, he doesn’t cry when he wakes up, just sort of nuzzles into me and grunts, so my husband doesn’t always get woken up. I can nurse him laying down on one side only, but I have to sit up and use my breast feeding pillow for the other side. This has done a number on my back and some days I can barely pick him up or put him down in his bassinet or crib. I have an appointment with my doctor next week to hopefully get a handle on it before it gets worse.

Liam is my angel baby is the mornings. He is so sweet and adorable and I just can’t get enough of him. As breast feeding gets easier each week, caring for him also gets easier. I can usually tell by his cry if he’s hungry or needs a diaper change or is gassy, so that helps take the mystery out of things. However, planning outings, like going to a birthday party or out to lunch, is getting trickier as he is awake more and more. And if he’s awake, he usually wants to nurse…

We found a new pediatrician this week, which is such a relief. He said his weight is just fine and now I don’t have to stress about my milk production. It’s really hard for me to find time to pump, but now I don’t feel pressured to have to do it  frequently, just whenever I feel like I have a chance.

I can’t believe Liam is one month old on Monday! I’m going to try to write a letter to him, especially after reading this one because I know both he and I will enjoy looking back on it one day.

3 weeks

21 Apr

My husband went back to work this week, which was hard at first, but now we’re getting the hang of things. I’ve realized our days are much better if we get out of the house for a bit, even if it’s just to go to a drive thru starbucks. I’ve never been  one to go stir crazy being at home all day, but it’s different with a baby. We both go a little nuts staying in the house all day!

After our third appointment with the pediatrician this week, we’ve decided we need to find a new one. It’s just not a good fit and if we feel this way now, it’s a bad sign. I have two interview appointments next week with new ones, so hopefully we can find someone better.

Liam is staying awake for longer periods during the day, which means he’s growing up! Our best day this week was Friday, when we picked up my brother from school and went to Target, before coming home for some chill time. Liam was awake, alert, and mellow for more than an hour and Mateo was loving it! Here he is reading him my favorite book.

How cute are they? I loved having my brother there to watch over Liam and I was actually able to do a few things around the house. It’s amazing how good it can feel to do my own laundry or write thank you notes without a baby on my lap.

Blogging is nearly impossible, as you can probably tell from my lack of posts. I can’t promise it’ll improve, either, so bear with me while I struggle to find a balance. I am still posting daily over at Life with Liam, so check there for daily baby photos.

2 weeks

13 Apr

Liam had a big week! He got to hang out with his grandparents, aunt, and cousins on Saturday, the same day he met the dogs for the first time!

We celebrated Easter on Sunday at home with a visit from Grammy, Abuelo, and Tio Mateo. Liam got his first Easter basket and we dyed eggs between feedings.

That note from my brother definitely made me cry.

I had bought an outfit for Liam to wear on Easter, but it was way too big (he’s still in newborn clothes and I had bought it in 0-3).

So, he wore an animal onsie instead.

Gah! Such a cutie.

We gave in to the pacifier this week because he gets so fussy at night and I can only handle so many hours of nursing in a row – last night he went about three hours just going from boob to boob and I cried. I try to always nurse when he wants to because he didn’t gain as much weight as he should have at his last doctor’s appointment. Actually, I suspect he did, but he peed right before he was weighed, so that made him a couple ounces lighter – just enough to put him barely under the one ounce per day weight gain average. The doctor told me I should start pumping to increase my supply, so I have been, but I’m not a fan. It’s just so much work!

My husband goes back to work on Monday and I’m terrified. How will I eat? Or pee? It’s going to be tricky…

40 weeks / 1 week

6 Apr

Throughout most of my pregnancy, I thought for sure I’d deliver late and go past 40 weeks, but I was wrong! I’m so glad Liam joined us a little early because now that he’s here I can’t imagine my life without him.

I wore jeans for the first time this week, but they’re maternity jeans, which I plan to wear for a while. Clothes are really hard right now, especially due to my c-section incision (birth story to come), so I’ve been living in sweat pants and nursing tanks. I’m also wearing my “push present” which my husband gave me right before we headed to the hospital for induction. It’s this initial necklace from Nordstrom and I love it!

Liam had his first weekly photo shoot today, too!

I can’t believe it’s already been a week! The first three days were spent in the hospital, which made our stay there a total of 5 days – a bit much for us all. It was nice to get some extra help with breastfeeding, but we were glad to finally go home on Monday night and give Liam the grand tour!

Since then, he’s been on walks with Grammy (my mom) and Tio (my brother), to the pediatrician for a controlled feeding and blood test (poor buddy, but yay for improved bilirubin levels), had visits from honorary Auntie Angie (my BFF), Great Aunt Kerry and her family, and other friends and neighbors, had a sponge bath, and gotten on a bit of a schedule of eating every 2.5 to 3 hours, which is much better than the chaos we started the week with.

Breastfeeding is going well, which I am so grateful for. It’s really hard, don’t get me wrong, but we’re both working hard and it gets a little easier each day. Hopefully all of our hard work will pay off with his next weigh-in at the doctor!

My husband and I are so in love with this little man. I’m already sad thinking about him growing up because I can’t imagine him getting any more perfect, but I know every stage will be just as amazing as this one is.

So, now the weekly photos will feature pictures of our growing boy outside the womb! I’ll continue to post them on Fridays, which makes sense because he was born on a Friday. I’m working on writing my birth story, so keep checking my posts over at Hellobee!

39 weeks

28 Mar

Well, folks, this is it. This is my last weekly pregnancy photo. I’m going into the hospital tonight to be induced. Not what I had hoped for, but my fluid is low and his head is big, so my doctor said we either had to induce now or schedule a c-section. I’m really hoping I can have a smooth, vaginal delivery, but I know the most important thing is that Liam is healthy, so I’m going to try to go with the flow and not stress.

I got sick on Sunday, so I’m still kind of recovering, which isn’t ideal. I have a bit of a cough and am congested, but I’m feeling much better today that I have all week, so that’s good.

I made it to the end with no stretchmarks on my belly (I’ve had them on my hips, thighs, and butt since high school) and I still have ankles! Hooray! For your giggling pleasure, here’s a couple of naked belly photos – something I swore I’d never do, but decided to cave in to once I realized I might never remember what I looked like this pregnant.

I’m going to miss this big belly of mine!

It might take me a few days to post an update here, but I will post a picture of Liam when he arrives over on Life with Liam, so be sure to check there Thursday evening or Friday morning!

38 weeks

23 Mar

Home stretch!! On Monday, I’ll have just one more week until my due date. I can’t believe my first pregnancy is almost over! It felt like yesterday that I shared the news with you guys.

Ok, so I’ve been out of work for two weeks now and I’m starting to get bored. Here’s how my days tend to go: I wake up when my husband gets up and he brings me breakfast in bed. Yes, I know how incredibly lucky I am and I am soaking up every minute of it. I watch the news while eating and checking my phone for updates, then after my husband leaves for work, I fall back asleep until around 11am. I try to plan at least one outing each day so I don’t spend the whole day in my PJs, so I’ll go to the store or meet friends for lunch or pick up my brother at school or something, which requires me to actually get dressed and brush my teeth. However, as soon as I get home from whatever outing I’ve been on, I immediately change back into my sweats, like those I’m wearing above. I usually work in a little bit of housework like emptying the dishwasher or folding laundry, but I rarely make dinner. I don’t stay up too late, but I’m usually up reading or watching TV for a bit after my husband falls asleep. The nights are funny. I get up many many times to go to the bathroom and each time I try to switch the side I’m sleeping on. I feel like that video clip of Kate Gosselin when her huge belly is covered in seran wrap and she can barely lift it. Turning over is quite a task, but I manage. Sometimes, the heartburn is so bad at night that I have to lay with my head propped up or I feel like I’m going to throw up. I’ve been lucky that I haven’t had much heartburn until the very end, but when it rains, it pours.

We finished our baby care class last night with infant CPR, the best part of the class. We also covered car seat installation and we were chosen as the guinea pigs since our due date was first. We parked our car in front, car seat installed, and the instructor told us how we did it wrong. Actually, we did it  right, but it wasn’t tight enough for him, so he got on top of it to force it down and tighten it more (or pretended to – it seemed the same as before when he was done). Whatever, someone had to be the guinea pigs…

I was checked at my last doctor appointment, but haven’t made any progress. I’ve been having a ton of contractions, though, so I’m hoping I’ll be a little bit dilated at my next appointment. We’re definitely anxious to meet our little one!

I’m so excited to see The Hunger Games this weekend with my friends!! What are your plans for the weekend?

37 weeks

16 Mar

What a week! Where do I begin?

Saturday and Sunday my husband and I did a lot of work inside and outside our home. I might have pushed myself a bit too far on Sunday, but I felt so accomplished.

Monday I had an appointment with the perinatologist to check the baby’s position and size. He was head down (YAY!), but unfortunately my fluid was very low. They’re supposed to be able to find and measure four pockets of fluid, but they could only find one, so they were pretty concerned. They told me that I needed to drink lots more water, especially the kind with added electrolytes, and to take it easy and come back Friday (I’m writing this on Thursday, so I’ll go back tomorrow). Basically, when your pregnant, all the water you drink goes to your own muscles first, then what’s left over goes to the baby. So, if I do too much physical activity, the baby won’t be getting the fluid he needs and that could be why my levels are so low. They didn’t give me a straight answer on whether or not I should go back to work – one tech said no, the other said sure, as long as I stayed sitting (which is hard as a teacher). Then, I spoke to my OBGYN who told me I would be going in twice a week for non-stress tests and that I was done working, so that was that. I stopped by work later that day to pick up my computer and some papers to grade that I had recently collected and wrote a good-bye note to my students on the board.

Most people think it’s great I don’t have to work and, while it is nice not to have to get up early everyday, it’s actually kind of hard right now. I wasn’t prepared to leave yet, so I’m emailing with my department chair constantly about the transition to the new teachers. Plus, this means I’ll get less money on my next paycheck than we had planned, so that’s an additional stressor.

Speaking of stress, my husband just found out today that he has shingles, which is often caused by stress. Lovely! Since I’ve had chicken pox before, I should be safe, but it is definitely terrible timing. Luckily it doesn’t seem like he got a terrible case and it’s already on it’s way out. I hope it clears up soon, because I’m going to need him at his healthiest once we have the baby!

On Monday, we came home from the doctor to no internet. They disconnected our service because we’ve actually been getting internet for a really long time without being billed for it. One day they just stopped sending us bills, but the internet kept working, so we’ve been thinking they might catch on one day. Fortunately, they won’t charge us for the months they forgot to bill us, but we won’t have internet until Friday (tomorrow for me, today for you). It hasn’t been ideal that my first week at home I haven’t had internet, but luckily my mom lives close by, so I’ve been able to come over a couple of days to get some things done for work and to blog.

37 weeks is officially full term, so if I went into labor, I’d have a baby! We are thinking with the low fluid levels that I’ll probably deliver sooner rather than later, either by going into labor on my own, or being forced to by my doctor (induction or c-section) if the baby needs to come out. My husband wants a St. Patrick’s Day baby, but I hope he stays safe in there for another week or so, at least. However, by this time next week, I might be so bored and over it, I could be begging for him to come out!

The nursery is FINISHED!! I never thought I’d see the day. Michelle is taking pictures on Saturday, then I’ll be able to share Liam’s room! I can’t wait for you guys to see it. I think it looks pretty cute.

The only thing left to do before the baby comes is to finish grading those papers (once I have the baby, who knows when I’ll be able to work on them) and clean clean clean. I’m really hoping we can hire someone to come next week to clean, though, because 1) I don’t want to do it 2) my husband can clean, but not as well as I’d like and 3) I probably shouldn’t be doing the type of physical activity it will require.

Other than that, we are ready to go! Well, as ready as we can be, I suppose.