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DITL: Pregnant Edition, Part 2

25 Jan

Part 1

I listen to Ryan Seacrest on the way to work, but I wish Adam Corolla still had a morning radio show. He’s my favorite.

We have these fancy new hand scanners we use to sign in. So official. I sign in at 7:35am.

The first thing I do when I get to my room is put up the new agenda on the board. It’s good for the students and good for me, so we all know what’s going on that day. Today was a professional development day, so each class is a little shorter and the kids get out early, but the teachers go to meetings until 3:15pm.

This screen stays on a tab on my browser all day so I can take roll and enter in grades. First period begins at 8:01am, but I always have students in my room well before that.

For my ninth grade classes, we’re reading Night by Elie Wiesel. Such a powerful book.

I always eat a snack during second period and today it’s my favorite yogurt.

After second period is nutrition, so I have a little break. I stalk my registry and add a breathable bumper because a few people have told me it’s necessary.

Then, I reply to some comments on my latest post on Hellobee, which today was Our Birth Plan.

After nutrition, I have my conference period. This is a time to prepare, grade, email or call parents, turn in paperwork, or whatever else I need to do.

First, I eat another snack: honey crisp apple and low fat cheddar cheese stick.

Then, I write a quiz for my 10th grade honors students. They’re reading A Tale of Two Cities by Dickens, which isn’t my favorite, but it’s required.

Two more classes to teach, then it’s lunch time.

I have leftover mac n cheese and a diet cherry 7up. Healthy, right? I also have a few students in at lunch making up a test.

I use part of lunch to enter grades into the computer.

One more class to teach, then it’s time for professional development. I got permission to leave a little early due to my appointment with the perinatologist, so it wasn’t too bad. We affectionately refer to these meetings as teacher detention 😉 I leave work at 2:35pm and I’m home in about 10 minutes to meet my husband before we head to the appointment.

Back to Work Blues

9 Jan

After three glorious weeks of winter break, today I go back to work. I’m not happy about it at all, but I know the next 12 weeks will fly by! I hope to work as long as I can and the plan right now is to begin my maternity leave just four days before my due date.

I went to the doctor on Friday and he commented on how relaxed I seemed. I said it was because I had been off for three weeks. Then, he asked if he should “disable” me. So tempting, doc, but I need a couple more months of full pay before the baby comes.

It kind of made me sad that he noticed a difference just from seeing me for five minutes. Am I really that stressed when I’m working? Is it the job or just working, period? What can I do about this? I’ll continue to ponder…

Last night we had a power outage, so my husband declared it pizza and game night!

While I was nervous about preparing for my first day back to work in the dark, it was actually kind of fun… while it lasted. We ate dinner and played one game of yahtzee by candlelight before the power came back on. We decided that we should schedule one night a week of no TV/internet/phones. We can use the lights and appliances, but it’s nice to unplug on a regular basis to enjoy each other’s company. Of course, we’ll have to schedule around our favorite shows and any important sports games.

I hope you have a great week doing whatever it is you do!


26 Aug

I’m too overwhelmed to blog. Don’t leave me! Big news coming next week, I promise.

I would say I was looking forward to the weekend, but it will be full of grading essays. I am glad that I can do that from bed, though.

Have a nice one. Drink some wine for me, ok?

From here.

I wish that was me.

Bye for now.

First Day of School

15 Aug

My vision board (an example for the first assignment) is complete:

My dress is ironed (and I did it all by myself – I never iron):

And my lunch is packed:

Salad with homemade dressing, pretzel thins and hummus, a luna bar, and a vitamin water zero. I also made my lunch for Tuesday so I don’t have to worry about it tomorrow. I have a feeling I’ll go straight to bed when I get home from work; the first day is always so exhausting.
Wish me luck!
I loved your guesses on this post. The dahlias and lilies are store bought and the roses and hydrangeas are form the garden!

Back to School Shopping!

9 Aug

Aren’t I lucky that I get to go back to school shopping every year? I always like to get a few new outfits before the new school year to get me in the mood for work after a nice long break.

Ohhhh my goodness, I almost forgot to tell you!! Remember how I said that the scary teacher dreams would start any day now? WELL I had a big one last night. It was my new school, but with the same teachers. There were some bratty students and I stayed until 8pm (!!), but at the end of the day I was happy to be back. Strange…

Ok, so let’s look at my new clothes, shall we?

This dress from White House Black Market. I used an online coupon code and had an old store credit, so I think I only spent $50. I already had the shoes; they’re from DSW. I actually got this dress for my 10 year high school reunion that’s coming up in a few weeks, but I can wear it to work, too.

This dress from Old Navy. Yes, it is a maternity dress. NO, this is not an announcement. I wandered over to the maternity section and thought it was cute and flattering, so I bought it. It works now and it will work later when I need some extra tummy room.

These shoes from Old Navy. I have them in black and they are so comfortable.

The pups wanted in on the photo shoot.

I’m sorry this photo is so blurry, but it was the most flattering in this outfit.

Here’s an unflattering in-focus one. The skirt is the only thing that is new and it’s from Old Navy, but it’s not on the website. I’m having second thoughts about it and might be returning it soon…

This dress is from Burlington Coat Factory and was only $18! I already had the sweater and shoes. I have a styling questions for you guys: Do you like the sweater buttoned like it is above?

Or unbuttoned like this? I can’t decide.

As I was linking to Old Navy, I found this dress that I really want. Maybe if I return the black skirt I can get it instead…

As for school supplies, I haven’t bought much. I want to wait until I see what the school gives me when I go in for meetings at the end of the week before I buy a bunch of stuff. I did get a small fan for my desk (my room in newly painted and smelly), hand sanitizer, and a planner. I might get a new desk chair (the one in the room is wooden and stationary), but I’m going to see how uncomfortable the provided one is first. Luckily, I’ve been teaching for a while so I have a lot of stuff already.

Did/do you like back to school shopping? What’s your favorite part?

When one door closes…

24 Jun

Today is my last day at my first teaching job. It is sad to leave this place I’ve been working at for four years and consider my home, but I’m ready to move on to bigger and better things.

This school is very different from my new school. My current school’s neighborhood is very rough and almost all of my students have witnessed gang violence at some point in their lives. Our school does not perform well academically and is at risk of being taken over by the district or put up for auction for charter companies to bid on. Most of the parents don’t speak English and aren’t as involved in their children’s education as we’d like them to be. I’ve had several pregnant students over the last four years and even had one this year who became pregnant while she was in 8th grade.

My new school is very close to my house and in a somewhat affluent neighborhood. The school is the highest performing in the district and is going charter by choice to have more control over how money is spent. The parents not only want their students to do well, but they want their teachers to challenge them so they are prepared to attend the top universities in the country. Every teacher has an LCD projector and document reader in their classroom so they are able to teach using power point presentations and without overhead projectors.

I feel like I’m graduating and moving on to the big leagues. More resources with more pressure, but I know I’m up for the task.

Goodbye PHS! I will miss you…


7 May

Borrowed this from Beth of Always Looking for Something New.

Current Book(s): Just finished Bossypants by Tina Fey. I was devastated when it ended.

Current Playlist: All Glee all the time.

Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: Donuts for Saturday school. I ate three this morning and I feel like hell because of it.

Current Color: Peach.

Current Drink: We had margaritas on the rocks the other night and it was a nice break from our usual beer and wine. 

Current Food: I have had PB&J for lunch every day this week. Exciting, no?

Current Favorite Show:Glee! Duh. I’ve also been watching a TON of Sex and the City reruns.

Current Wishlist: I can’t afford one, but I really want a new dress for my friend Laura’s rehearsal dinner. Something like this…

from Mango

Current Needs: Patience.

Current Triumphs: Making it through my first (and hopefully last) cycle of clomid without completely losing it.

Current Bane(s) of my Existence: Saturday school and after school workshops. Only one more week!

Current Celebrity Crush: Cory Monteith, aka Finn on Glee. He’s pretty adorable.

Current Indulgence: Wearing dresses all the time. I haven’t been able to wear pants the past couple of days because of the horrid cramping and bloating from clomid.

Current Blessing(s): A husband who is just as, if not more, excited to get pregnant as I am.

Current Outfit: Dress! Navy and white with a white cardigan and red flats.

Current Excitement: Pretty excited about my mom’s mother’s day gift. I’ll share it after I give it to her.

Current Link


5 May

What happens when Amy works an additional 15 hours a week (9 hours of class, four-ish hours of preparation), goes on clomid, and has round two of an interview coming up?

Image from here.
She eats all the cookies that her husband brings to her in bed, even though he was planning on sharing them.
By the way, clomid sucks. Cramps, bloating, nausea… loads of fun. Good thing it’s cheap because I would be pissed if it cost a ton of money AND made me feel like hell.

End it.

14 Apr

On facebook today, I updated my status with this:

“ohhhhh the anxiety… when will it end? never, I suppose.”

I get anxious a lot. I always have. I like to have control over things (duh) and I hate the unknown. Well here I am in a situation where I don’t have very much control and my whole life is a giant unknown. I don’t know if I’ll have a job in the fall. If I do, I don’t know where I’ll be working or what challenges I’ll face. There’s also the whole pregnancy thing. I don’t know if I’ll be pregnant soon or if I’ll have to go through more fertility treatments or if I’ll be able to have children at all. This is one of the hardest times I’ve faced in my adult life, I think. I am most definitely at a crossroads. 

My friend Michelle commented on my status and said:

“decide to end it. :)”

I wish it were so easy, but she has a point. I have faced many challenges this year, but I’ve also grown a lot and I’ve taken several steps forward. Yes, I still get anxious and have moments when I feel like my world is imploding, but instead of letting it take hold of me, I take a deep breath, go to yoga, talk about it, write about it, and move on. Back in December, I wasn’t able to do that. I would spiral out of control into despair. Thanks to therapy and myself (pats on the back) I am changing and growing.

So, while I haven’t ended the anxiety, I’ve definitely learned how to deal with it and I’m getting better everyday. And that’s a great feeling.

Photo taken by my husband.

>The Sea of Resumes

25 Mar

>Wow, has it been a week since my last post? I’m sorry, I’ve been lost in a sea of cover letters and resumes. So far, I have submitted resumes to 10 schools. There are a couple of job posting online, but I have to wait for my letters of reference first. I have one, but am waiting on a couple more…

Last weekend I took back a dress that my husband got me for my birthday and used that credit along with another gift card to buy some interview clothes. I got a blazer and three shirts. I already have a skirt and pants that will go with the blazer and I have some not too high heels as well. I still want a new bag, but I’m really trying not to spend any money as I won’t be getting a paycheck starting in July.

Speaking of saving money, I haven’t eaten out since last Monday, the 14th! Not a single breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I did have Maria’s takeout last night, but it was free since my parents both work for the company. I’m pretty impressed with myself!

We were supposed to take a little trip during my spring break, but it looks like that is out of the question now. Maybe we’ll just go down to my in-law’s ranch instead. It always feels like we’re on vacation when we go down there!

I just remembered something: last summer when we started trying to get pregnant, I had imagined that we would have an infant at Easter and go down to my in-law’s with my parents. I actually pictured it in my head. The hardest part of this whole infertility thing has been all those holidays and milestones that I had allowed myself to mentally plan out. I’m really trying not to do that anymore.

On the subject of infertility, I’m going to the doctor on Monday to ask about starting clomid. I’m really nervous about it, though, and am not sure I’m totally ready. It doesn’t seem like fun to go through all of those hormone changes while also interviewing for jobs. It might be too much to handle at once. On the other hand, I’m so ready to be a mom and I can’t put it off forever. The timing will never be just right, so I might just have to keep moving forward, especially since we don’t know how long it will take and what other treatments we’ll have to go through.

I’m trying to think of more things to write, but my brain has gone blank. I’m so tired and stressed. I should go to the gym, but…. I’m just going to be lazy instead.

I’ll leave you with a picture that shows what my lovely dogs did about 5 minutes before my sister-in-law came over last night.

Good thing our friend Emily had the couch treated to be stain resistant!