Civic Duty and Tradition

6 Nov

In 1988, I was 5 years old. I went with my mom to the church across the street from our house to vote – the same church where she attended school through 8th grade and where we had my grandmother’s funeral when I was 21. I remember standing in the booth with her behind the curtain (I wish they still used those) and when she was done, I asked, rather loudly, “Did you vote for Dukakis?” I was an opinionated little democrat even then…

Every election, I went with my mom to vote. I remember times when she said she might not have time with her busy work schedule and I’d get mad, telling her she had to do it. I’d nag her until she finally took me, right before the polls closed at night.

Four years ago, it rained on election day. I remember what I was wearing – black pants, a blue shirt, and my black rain jacket. I was so excited to be voting in such a historical election. I was late to work for the first time that day; the assistant principal had to cover my class for the first few minutes. I was frazzled, but glad I could wear my sticker and show my students I had voted. That night, my then fiancé and I sat in our living room and watched as President Obama and his family celebrated his victory in Chicago. We sipped champagne and I cried. Since then, we’ve gotten married and had our first child and our lives are so different, but so great.

This morning, I got up early and walked with Liam in his carrier to the church down the street to continue the tradition and fulfill my civic duty.


Whatever the outcome this year, I’ll continue to show my son that voting is something that is important to me and bring him to the polls so he can see for himself our democracy in action.

Happy Halloween!

31 Oct

From the cave man and woman and their little dinosaur.


OOTD: School Holiday

17 Sep

I had the day of from work, so Liam and I played and ran some errands. I wore cranberry pants and a chambray shirt from Old Navy and he wore blue shorts and a yellow striped shirt from Carter’s. As you can see, he tries to grab anything and everything I’m holding now!


I want I want I want

16 Sep

Christmas is about three months away (that seems crazy close) and I have been making a list in my head of all the things I want. This is what I do to escape from the stresses of daily life: I think about things I want, look at them on the Internet, and sometimes I get them, but sometimes I don’t and that’s ok. It’s not about actually having these things, but daydreaming about them is the fun part.

So here are the things I’m wanting:

1. A king sized bed. We have a queen that my husband has had since college and it’s time to upgrade. I’d like to get one without a headboard and just make an upholstered one ourselves. Oh and new bed = new bedding.

2. New kitchen floors. I’ve wanted this for 4 years. It’s time. We have already decided to ask for my father in law’s help with this for a Christmas gift. We’ll buy tile and grout and do it ourselves with his help (hopefully).

3. Repaint the kitchen. I want to paint the yellow walls the same gray that’s in our entryway and hallway and paint a huge part of the open wall with chalkboard paint and frame it with moulding.

4. New vacuum. We are currently using one that I won on The Ellen Show almost seven years ago and it’s on it’s last leg. I’d really like one that specializes in pet hair since we have tons of it all over our house.

5. Backyard makeover. My husband has been talking about putting new sod in the backyard because our grass is really patchy back there and I’m hoping we can get that done before Liam’s first birthday at the end of March. I also want to paint the patio because it’s currently painted white which is just dumb. I think I’d like to paint it the color of dirt 😉

6. Snow trip for New Years. We didn’t go to the snow at all last year and it made me sad, so I want to plan a trip now before we forget and all the rentals are booked.

7. To lose 15-20 lbs. That would put me well under my pre-pregnancy weight and help me feel a lot better about myself. I’m still breast feeding, so that will help, but I need to be more active. My excuse lately has been the heat, but it’s supposed to finally cool down next week, so no more excuses.

8. Three day weekends every weekend. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Why don’t we all just make that happen?

What are you wanting these days?

4 and 5 months

7 Sep

Time flies! Liam’s 4 and 5 month post is up on Hellobee today, so click here to check it out!


World Breastfeeding Week

5 Aug

It’s pointless to apologize for not blogging. I do this for me and I’m glad you read, but when life gets in the way, I let it. I go back to work on Thursday, so I’ve been soaking up every moment with Liam before I have to be away from him all day. Also, my aunt is really sick, so we went to see her and that has been weighing heavily on me. I love her so much and am so sad she’s facing such a horrible disease.

On a lighter note, I did find the time to write a post for World Breastfeeding Week on Nancy Holtzman of ISIS Parenting’s blog. Please click here and check it out!

I hope you’re having a great weekend!

3 months!

19 Jul

Liam’s 3 month update is up on Hellobee today!


Check it out here.

OOTD: Palm Springs

23 Jun

We’re in Palm Springs for my husband’s work trip (we have a big, mean, scary house sitter, so don’t try to rob us) and Liam and I have been trying to keep busy and stay cool.


I’m wearing a hat from Target, dress from Nordstrom (BP), braided belt, and flip flops.


Liam is wearing an outfit from his great grandma, who we call Ba-Ba. It’s from Gymboree. I’m glad I got a picture of him wearing the shoes because they stayed on for about 5 minutes. He has really tiny feet!

The Infirmary

13 Jun

*This post is a week old, so references to days aren’t current*

My husband is on crutches, I have a cold, but luckily the baby is doing great! My husband injured his foot/ankle on Saturday night playing basketball with his friends. The next day, I came down with a nasty cold. We’re a mess! I’ve learned a few things through this ordeal, though…

1. My husband does (or did) so much around the house. He cooks every dinner, does most of the laundry and grocery shopping, does the dishes, keeps the house clean and yard manicured all while working full time… and what do I do? I breastfeed and keep our two month old happy. With Mr. TTT on crutches, it has been really hard for either of us to get a good meal and the house is kind of a mess. He can’t help out with the house like he used to, he can’t really help much with the baby because he can’t hold him while standing or walking.

2. HMOs kind of suck. It took him three days to get into a specialist and it’s taking even longer to get the MRI approved that the specialist requested. My husband used to  have Kaiser and loved it, so he’s a little bitter that I convinced him to switch to my HMO when we got pregnant.

3. I used to be a big baby when I got sick. Ok, maybe I still am, but now I have to take care of Liam when I’m sick, so I don’t have the luxury of taking a few days off or lying in bed all the time anymore. I realized this week that I’m much tougher than I thought I was.

4. I’m so glad baby TTT is breastfed. I have not limited my contact with him at all since I’ve been sick – I’ve given him just as many kisses and stuck my fingers in his mouth to unlatch countless times – and he hasn’t shown any signs of catching my cold. Thank goodness because all we need is a sick baby to really push us over the edge.

5. I could never work with my husband. He was off for three days in a row, plus the weekend, and driving me crazy! I know the feeling was mutual, so while I feel badly that he had to take the bus to work today (he can’t drive since he injured his right foot), we were both glad to be back to a more normal routine and out of each other’s hair.

Mr. TTT at Target on his scooter; Baby TTT is happy and healthy!

How do you cope with sick or injured family members?

OOTD: Starbucks and a pedicure

11 Jun

I’m sorry I’ve been MIA. I actually feel really bad that I haven’t done Liam’s weekly posts in a while. I have taken the pictures, but with my husband being on crutches, I have no time to sit at the computer and edit them and write the posts. Maybe we’ll have to just do monthly posts…

Today, I was able to pick up my step sister and go get a pedicure. Liam stayed asleep and she just pushed him in the stroller around the block. It was so nice to be able to do that!! Here’s what I wore:


Skinny jeans and a bright coral top from old navy, flip flops and dangly earrings. I got my toes painted the same color as the top.

Here’s what Liam wore:


He’s wearing a romper from baby gap – it was on sale. I think blue is definitely his color, not just because he’s a boy, but because it matches his eyes. I really hope they stay blue!

My husband goes in for an MRI on his foot tomorrow – send positive thoughts for no surgery needed!!